Boost Your Limited Thinking With Affluent Thoughts

Boost Your Limited Thinking With Affluent Thoughts

We make decisions, and we live with them; some are easy, some are difficult, but we do the best we can ground in self-confidence.

Our perceptions or beliefs, arguably, shape our behavior. We do not always rely on our rationality in making judgments and decisions.

Due to the global economic situation, many people are reconfiguring their family, home, and career expectations.

Our minds can conjure up the worst, but we can’t seem to imagine the best for ourselves.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We are our own worst enemies.

What Is Affluent?

Affluent is all about flow—Flowing in Abundance; Affluent Creativity; Affluent Streams

Affluent suggests prosperity and increasing wealth ( Dictionary)

  • Are your coffers overflowing?
  • Is your cash flow more than adequate?

688 Words and Phrases for Affluent (Power Thesaurus)

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We Have the Power to Change Our Thinking

What do we think we know? We are the sum of everything that’s happened to us.

Life is a revolving dream, up steep hills, down low in the valley, like a revolving door spinning around, moving in circles, never knowing where we will go or end up.

“This is not turning out to be what I’d hope financially—beating the bushes, shaking the trees, getting nothing but pennies.”

The power to change has always been in us; however, ingrained habits cannot be changed on a whim.

Plow & Hearth

This brings to mind a Diana Ross song:

Do You Like the Things That Life is Showing You?
Where Are You Going To? Do You Know?

Do You Get What You’re Hoping For?

When You Look Behind You There’s No Open Doors
What Are You Hoping For? Do You Know?

There’s Power in Our Spoken Words

The power to change begins with our words.

Our words have serious power, and good or bad, we will have what we say.

When we begin to take responsibility for the words coming out of our mouths, we will see a new outlook on life.

We must believe that we can change.


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Leverage the Power of Positive Thinking

Our minds are like parachutes; they work best when they’re open.

The power of positive thinking—the ability to have something to live for. And there it was, step one was in motion.

Don’t wait for ideal circumstances. Stop saying, “When things settle down…” DO IT NOW.

For example, saying, One of these days is none of these days.

We can achieve meaningful goals. But we have to start thinking affluently about what we are capable of doing.

“My subconscious is all-powerful, all-wise, all-knowing. I’m in pursuit of all things awesome. I need three more of me.”

We have to engage in daily habits that stretch our minds and abilities to enable us to do it.

What We Do Every Day Develops the Habits in Our Life

Whether good or bad, our habits determine our level of success in accomplishing anything.

Our habits are based on the words we hear, our thinking, emotions, and actions.

God’s promise of abundance is always ready for us to tap into, but we have to do our part.

If our thinking is correct, our habits will be proper.

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How to Leave Small Thinking Behind Once and For All

There is a double way of coming to the knowledge of things: one through experience, the other through divine inspiration.

When we become aware of the self-doubts that we harbor, it builds in us the will, the capacity, comfort, and the courage to adapt and try new things.

A negative attitude causes us to Doubt our ability to achieve anything, while Belief in our potential makes us willing to take the necessary actions for progress.

The new age literature says that I can change my life by changing my thoughts. Hmm, I wonder what that looks like. I SEE A RAINBOW OF HOPE.

10 Amazing and Inspiring Whitney Houston Songs For Life

Renew Your Mind with Positive Affluent Thoughts

To develop habits that lead to an abundant life, we have to renew our minds.

Every thought shapes our thinking.

Words are like seeds. We cannot let ourselves speak negative words on a daily basis.

Negative words will develop bad habits that will limit our affluent thinking.

The majority of the daily news we digest is negative.

It’s difficult to focus on positive thoughts when at every turn, we are receiving negative information.

The negativity can overpower our positive thinking. Think about good things.

“Passions Do Not Die; They Just Need a Little Kindling.”

4 Ways to Break Free From a Rut of Small Thinking. These habits will stretch your mind and abilities to enable you to operate at a higher level.

Use Your Creative Mind For Affluent Ideas

Each of us has remarkable creativity, insightful intelligence, deep wisdom, and practicality.

These qualities can help us find a satisfying purpose and sufficient income, whatever our circumstances or background.

We are never locked into dead-end pathways.

A positive attitude opens our eyes to see many affluent opportunities, whereas our challenge becomes which opportunity to choose.

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This affluence comes through endless good ideas, which come to us from the mind.

The mind is the eternal source of our affluent ideas.

It does not belong to some and not to others.

It is not subject to family status or educational opportunities.

Plow & Hearth

Shrinking economies and fluctuating income may stem from narrow thinking.

If these conditions seem like permanent fixtures in our lives, we can rebuff them.

Overflowing ideas from the mind bring hope and promise. Thus, we are more likely to launch out into new territories of affluent thoughts and experiences.

We must persistently acknowledge that our mind is affluent with big ideas that can meet our needs.

Give Up Small Thinking For Mind’s Affluence (Mary Beattie, The Christian Science Journal)

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Break Out of the Rut of Scarcity Thinking

People with a scarcity mentality tend to see everything in terms of win-lose. They always see the worst in everything.

Scarcity thinking is focusing on the things that you are lacking, things you don’t have, the things that you may lose if you should make a move, basically the things that have gone wrong in life.

That type of thinking will only produce a lack or more scarcity (Richard Cross).

You always want to avoid thoughts that come from a scarcity mindset, that try to convince your inner self that there is not enough.

Stop thinking that there is not enough money, not enough time, or whatever.

Whenever you notice yourself falling into a scarcity mindset, try to do a 180-degree turn and change it to a Plenteous Mindset.

Develop an Abundant Thinking Mindset

Being grateful plays a crucial role in abundant thinking.

According to Richard Cross, people who think abundantly are happier because they appreciate what they already have, and they are optimistic about their outlook on life.

These types of thinkers know that their thought pattern has a lot to do with the things that they will act upon.

Therefore, they choose to think abundantly. See Richard Cross’s What Is Abundant Thinking?

Fruitful Ideas For Our Purpose In Life

Each of us has a divinely bestowed purpose.

We should not focus on limitations that leave us feeling stifled and unprogressive.

Our conscious claiming of our spiritual inheritance opens the door to progress.

Once things are on the right track, they will get better and better over time.

The ideas imparted by our minds develop endlessly.

Fruitful ideas that come to mind can fill every area of lack in our lives.

A fertile mind is the source of great ideas, including resources and wisdom.


Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

If we focus on our weaknesses, we ignore our exceptional capabilities and strengths.

Our inner selves will not thrive when we focus our precious time and effort on things we are not good at.

At the end of the day, all this does is rob us of our confidence and affluent thinking.

Focusing on our strengths will help us overcome anything that we consider a weakness.

What opportunities have you passed up through the years because you questioned yourself based solely on flaws you think you have or others told you that you have?


If you look into your heart with a positive mind. Take some inventory of your woman and your glory and Leave the Bad Things Behind.

Everybody’s got a story, yes they do.

What Are You Good At?

Everyone is good at something. You’re good at something. You possess unique abilities.

Your success depends on making it a habit to focus on improving what you’re already good at.

Becoming exceptionally good at one essential skill is far more valuable than struggling for years to become average at the things that you find difficult.

Learn to Diminish Your Limited Thinking and Gain a Flourishing Level of Confidence.

Plow & Hearth

Get Rid of Your Limited Thinking

Each of us, right now, as God’s children, is fully and purposely thriving.

It is essential to learn the importance of letting go of small, apprehensive, and unimaginative thinking and allow the ideas in our minds to expand and prosper.

Stop thinking that “my problem” is different or more difficult than others.

Small thinking, which claims limited intelligence or career opportunities, restrictive economies, or some other limitation, needs to be removed from our thoughts.

More significant thinking is affluence, and this comes as we believe ourselves to have an infinite idea-making mind.

After all, we all want to live an affluent, favorable, healthy, productive, and prosperous life.

Gratitude is the Promising Door to Bountiful Outcomes

It is impossible to feel sad or depressed and grateful at the same time.

Make it a habit to help those worse off than yourself and even more so when you feel down.

As important as it is to lend a hand to those in need for its own sake, realize that you’re going to benefit too.

77 Ways to Pay It Forward and Change Lives

Recognizing the Cycles of Life

Our lives seem to be in a state of perpetual cycles of daily routine, personal habits, and recurring behavior.

The cycle of life is “A course or series of events or operations that recur regularly and usually lead back to the starting point.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Some cycles seem to go on outside of ourselves but influence and affect our lives, such as cyclical economic and financial patterns, cycles of seasons, elections, and voting.

There are times in our lives when we need the encouragement, support, and comfort of others.

But we may hesitate to reach out for help.

It may be fear of humiliation or being rejected, criticized, or seen in a poor light.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help when your financial resources are strained or limited.

God’s Law of Goodness enables us repeatedly to do good and be generous. Be Blessed!

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Boost Your Limited Thinking With Affluent Thoughts

We make decisions, and we live with them; some are easy, some are difficult, but we do the best we can ground in self-confidence. Our perceptions or beliefs, arguably, shape our behavior. We do not always rely on our rationality in making judgments and decisions. Due to the global economic situation, many people are reconfiguring…