Hiking and Camping Safety Guides

Wilderness Basics: Get the Most from Your Hiking, Backpacking, and Camping Adventures

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How to Camp in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Finding, Outfitting, and Enjoying Your Adventure in the Great Outdoors

Perfect for everyone, this guide provides contemporary and classic wisdom, practical tips, and illustrated DIY advice on every aspect of equipping, packing, setting up camp, cooking, and improvising no matter where you are in the great outdoors.

  • Camping and survival basics including fire building, essential knots, site finding, wilderness first aid/CPR, map/compass reading, and camping off the grid.
  • Essential gear, packing light, recommendations for DIY if you’ve left something behind, and how to keep everything relatively clean.
  • Guides to camping comfortably in all seasons and weather, as well as tips and etiquette for camping around the world, including with pets and kids.
  • Tips for enhancing the experience, including recipes for easy and inexpensive meals from 25 base ingredients, stargazing essentials, fireside games and songs, birdwatching, and the perfect campfire reading list.

Camping in America’s City & Town Parks 

Huge portions of public lands, managed by a variety of government agencies, are available to the general public for recreational use. This book will guide you to 1,900 camping areas available at 1,451 municipal parks in 46 states.

Complete Guide to Winter Camping

With careful planning, tenting during the year’s coldest months can be safe and fun. Complete with color photos and expert advice from seasoned winter campers and travelers, this book will appeal to both car-camping families and adventurous individuals looking to extend their outdoor activities into another season.

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Camping in America’s County Parks: Discover 2,068 RV, Van and Tent Camping Areas at 1,408 Parks in 42 States

Plow & Hearth

Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Wilderness Survival, First Aid

Featuring more than 1,300 photographs and 1,000 diagrams and illustrations, this indispensable resource offers in-depth coverage of hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, boating, survival, first aid, bowhunting, and species profiles of game animals, birds, fish, and sporting dogs. This book is a must-have reference guide for both novice and experienced sportsmen as well as any person planning to learn outdoor skills.

Plow & Hearth

The Scout’s Guide to Wilderness Survival and First Aid

Each year hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts find themselves in an unexpected outdoor emergency. They get lost, injured, or stranded. 

The Complete Descent Manual for Climbers, Alpinists and Mountaineers

A source for all descent techniques, both the well-established and ideal for the novice climber, as well as the cutting edge, high value techniques for experienced and pro climbers.

Backpacking and Hiking

4 Long Range Walkie Talkies

Long Distance Walkie-Talkies with Earpiece and Mic Set Headsets USB Charger Battery Weather Alert. These portable walkie-talkies are perfect for outdoor adventures, such as camping, hiking, hunting, boating, fishing, skiing and so on.

Great Lakes & Midwest USA’s National Parks

Get to the heart of Great Lakes and the Midwest’s National Parks and begin your journey now! Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots. Focused on the best hikes, drives, and cycling tours. Full-color trail and park maps.

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Wilderness Adventure Camp: Essential Outdoor Survival Skills for Kids

Whether in the rugged backcountry or a suburban backyard, kids can experience the sense of personal independence and self-confidence that come from outdoor proficiency, while also developing a deeper connection to and understanding of the natural world.

Mountain Hiking with Kids

Corps of Engineers Camping: Directory of 942 Camping Areas in 35 States

These areas offer recreational opportunities at campgrounds, lakes and marinas across the country.

Rakuten Kobo US

Camping and Woodcraft: A Handbook for Vacation Campers

A standard manual for campers and a veritable outdoor enthusiast’s bible for over four decades, this book reflects Horace Kephart’s practical knowledge and covers, in depth, any problem that campers might confront.

Elks Lodge Camping: Directory of 528 Elks Lodges in 49 States

Elks Lodges around the United States provide safe, convenient, reasonably priced accommodations.

OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.

Wilderness Survival Guide: Practical Skills for the Outdoor Adventurer

Discover how to tackle any situation, from running into poisonous plants to staying safe while adventuring in various climates and terrains.

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Family Camping Checklist

This checklist will help you get organized and remind you to bring everything you will need for a safe, enjoyable camping trip.

Tent Camping Safety

3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Includes Coffee Maker, Non-Stick Griddle, and 4-Slice Toaster Oven

RV Camping in National Parks: Camping Guide to the Top National Parks and Lakes of North America

Are you thinking about RV camping in a national park? It’s a great way to see some of America’s most beautiful places. Without the crowds and expense of hotels, you can get away from it all and enjoy the great outdoors. Taking your RV into a national park is different from camping in a state or private campground. There are usually more restrictions on where you can camp and what you can do.

This informative guide will give you an overview of what to expect when RV camping in a national park. We’ll cover the basics of making a reservation, what to do when you arrive, and some tips for enjoying your time in the park. Understanding the rules and regulations is crucial before you go to have a safe and fun trip.

Ranger’s Guide to Yellowstone Day Hikes

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Camping Safety: Precautions, Dangers, and Emergency Preparedness

Overnight Tent Camping Adventures

Paracord Projects For Camping and Outdoor Survival

A strand of paracord can save your life. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply on a walk, cordage is one of the most useful and vital items a person can have available. But not only is it crucial to have close by, it’s also a lot of fun to discover its endless uses!

Lightweight Travel Backpack

Simple backpack for daily use or trips. Reflective strip design increases night security. Two side pockets to hold water bottles.

Hiking Safety Handbook

With more people discovering the excitement, beauty, and tranquility of the outdoors, hiking participation is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, so too, are hiking accidents. Knowing what to do in an emergency andeven more important—how to keep yourself out of trouble in the first place are crucial. Seasoned hiker and expert safety instructor Art Hogling brings experience, knowledge, and the latest research on crucial safety topics, such as weather, fire, and altitude sickness; what to do if you’re lost; developing situational awareness; and more.

Hiking Safety Techniques

The Useful Knots Book: How to Tie the 25+ Most Practical Rope Knots

A Pocket Guide to Hiking, Running & Backpacking

Whether running around town, heading out for your first hike, or trekking in the backcountry, this is the guide for you! Written by a female, with a focus on women. BUY NOW!

Backpacking Trips

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Shoes

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Desert Hiking Tips: Expert Advice on Desert Hiking and Driving

An essential primer for hiking through desert terrain. Learn the character of desert backcountry and how to adventure well through prickly flora amidst often poisonous fauna. Stay hydrated even miles away from fresh water sources, find the right gear, and set up camp for what can be a magical night under the desert sky.

Hiking and Camping in Bear Country

Learn ways to set up camp so as to not attract bears, the safest options for storing food when car camping and backpacking, and how to protect yourself while fishing and hunting.

Woman in the Wild: The Every Woman’s Guide to Hiking, Camping, and Backcountry Travel

Few experiences rival a grand outdoor adventure. Hiking into the wilderness, camping under the stars, and exploring the backcountry offer new challenges that awaken a woman’s spirit and test her soul.  Adventurer and guidebook author Susan Joy Paul provides instruction for women of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to intermediate hikers and experienced mountaineers. She shares details gleaned from two decades of training and real-world experience, bringing together everything a woman needs to know to be safe, independent, and self-reliant at camp and on the trail.

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Surviving the Wild: Essential Bushcraft and First Aid Skills for Surviving the Great Outdoors

If your caving, camping, or hiking adventure goes haywire, how would you ensure your survival? Former Special Forces Operator and Instructor Joshua Enyart provides essential skills and a step-by-step wilderness survival strategy.

A Hike in the Woods: Your comprehensive guide to day hiking gear, clothing, safety, and other essentials

Jeffrey Ryan has hiked thousands of miles on America’s trails and written several acclaimed books about his journeys. A complete guide to choosing gear and clothing for day hiking, including How to choose hiking boots, day packs, and performance clothing for staying dry and comfortable on the trail. Tips for navigating and what to do if you lose your way. Tips for hiking safely. Creating a first aid kit for day hikes. Suggested trail snacks.

The Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs: Trail-Tested Tips and Expert Advice for Canine Adventures

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

From gear selection to belay and repel techniques, from glacier travel to rope work, to safety, safety, and more safety.

Hiking Mountain Trails & Waterfalls

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Camping & Outdoor Survival Guide: 101 Tips, Tricks & Uses

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, SwissChamp Pocket Knife

100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

This robust guide provides an overview of the park, detailed travel advice, fascinating facts, insider knowledge about wildlife, and expert tips for hiking, biking, camping, and exploring. Top 10 lists throughout highlight best-of destinations for river trips, monuments, panoramic views, beaches, and more. 

The Complete Practical Guide to Camping, Hiking & Wilderness Skills

A hands-on manual covering the knowledge and skills needed to travel and survive outdoors – whether a day’s hike or a trek through the jungle, learn how to navigate, light fires, and set up camp.

Campground Safety Guides

How to Poop in the Woods: And Other Backpacking Essentials for Women

When it comes to backpacking, beginners have lots of great questions:

  • What’s an ideal pack weight?
  • Is down better than synthetics for a sleeping bag?
  • Should your footwear be waterproofed?
  • How big of a tent do you need?
  • And how do you poop in the woods?

How to Poop in the Woods is just as funny and entertaining as practical and accessible—a tremendously valuable resource and guide for novice backpackers.

Hiking in National Parks

The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide: Treatment and Prevention of Outdoor Emergencies

Perfect for pocket, backpack, or cabin, advice from a doctor who loves the outdoors on CPR, choking, shock, gunshot wounds, suturing, sprains and broken ones, allergic reactions, snake bit, and much more.

Outdoor School: Hiking and Camping: The Definitive Interactive Nature Guide

Clarks Orianna Hiker Boots

Family Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking

Are you looking for a fun family activity your kids will remember for years? What could be better than escaping the city and getting into nature to clear your mind and have experiences that make you feel alive? BUY NOW: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Most Memorable Family Experience in the Great Outdoors

Backpacking and Hiking with Friends and Family

Great Outdoors USA: 1,000 Adventures Across All 50 States

Discover the adventures located right in your own backyard! From exhilarating mountain biking trails and forest rope courses to easy day hikes and lake excursions, this comprehensive collection offers more than 1,000 exciting escapades to experience across the United States.

Swiss Safe Survival First Aid Kit Pocket-Sized Pouch, Lightweight & Compact with Dual Zippers

Great emergency kit for daily use or outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. Mini First Aid Kit fits perfectly in your hand, pocket, or travel bag. Sting Relief & Alcohol Pads, Multiple sizes of Bandages, Gauze, Gloves, Tweezers.

100 Great American Parks

Discover diverse and breathtaking natural landscapes in this beautifully illustrated collection of America’s 63 national parks, as well as 37 state, recreational, and city parks and green spaces.

The National Parks Cookbook: The Best Recipes from (and Inspired by) America’s National Parks 

Feast on the flavors of America’s national parks with more than 70 delicious recipes inspired by their iconic lodges, landscapes, and chefs—including savory dishes, cocktails, and desserts.

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National Parks of the United States

National Geographic’s wide-ranging travel guide to recreation areas, trails, historic sites, nature hikes, seashores, camping, and campgrounds is geared to everyone who loves outdoor recreation. This 544-page reference is the ultimate travel planner for all things national parks, filled with full-color photos, detailed maps, historical background, and practical facts on the location of the park system properties, as well as the best times to visit and top-rated activities.

Hiking Activity Book for Kids: 35 Fun Projects for Your Next Outdoor Adventure 

Hiking is an amazing way for kids to explore the great outdoors and learn new things about the world around them. This book is filled with 35 hands-on hiking projects that encourage kids to get outside, gain important skills, and discover all the awesome lessons nature can teach them.

Timberland Kids Back Road Hiker Boots

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress & Pump Combo

Coleman Cooler | Steel-Belted Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 4 Days | 54-Quart Cooler for Camping, BBQs, Tailgating & Outdoor Activities

Campfire Stories

A short story book containing 100 scary, funny and friendly tales for kids and adults. For generations, people have gathered around campfires to tell tales of adventure, mystery, and wonder. These stories have been passed down through the ages, each one carrying with it the wisdom and wonder of those who have come before.

Hiking from Home: A Long-Distance Hiking Guide for Family and Friends

This informative guide explains the basics of long-distance hiking as well as logistics, such as what gear is carried, how hikers eat, where they sleep, and how they know where to go.

Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover

Best Tent Camping: Southern Appalachian and Smoky Mountains: Your Car-Camping Guide to Scenic Beauty, the Sounds of Nature, and an Escape from Civilization

Perfect Camping for You in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The Southern Appalachian and Smoky Mountains provide spectacular backdrops for some of the most scenic campgrounds in the country. But do you know which campgrounds offer the most privacy? Which is the best for first-time campers? Johnny Molloy has traversed the entire region―tree-topped mountains, clear streams, and lush woodlands of East Tennessee, western North Carolina, northern Georgia, and western South Carolina―and compiled the most up-to-date research to steer you to the ideal spot!

Coleman 4-Person Camping Tent

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The RV Camping Bible

Find the perfect spot for your RV stay, whether you prefer amenities or a more rustic experience. Discover the countless benefits of The RV Camping Bible. It’s time to take action and start your journey towards a lifetime of extraordinary experiences. Your dream adventure awaits. It’s time to hit the road!

Camping Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide to the State’s Best Campgrounds

Looking for the ideal spot to pitch your tent or park your RV? Camping Georgia will take you there. This comprehensive guidebook gives detailed descriptions of more than 100 public campgrounds throughout Georgia – from the mountains to the plains to the coastal areas. The listings include campsites managed by national, state, city, and county parks, the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Easy-to-use maps and charts will simplify your search for the perfect campground. You’ll also find vital information on camp locations, fees and reservations, facilities and hookups, recreational activities, weather and geography, and local attractions.

Coleman Evanston Screened Camping Tent

Coleman RoadTrip Portable Grill

The Road Trip Survival Guide

Make the most of your next road trip with these essential tips and tricks for planning the ultimate epic adventure.

Mountain Road Trips

Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas – 100th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

This updated 2023-2024 edition contains maps of every U.S. state, plus expanded coverage of Canada and Mexico, that are 35% larger than the standard atlas version. Includes over 350 detailed city inset and national park maps and a comprehensive, unabridged index. The Rand McNally Road Atlas has been the essential, trusted tool for road travelers for 100 years.

Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Chair

National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of Canada

This edition takes you step-by-step to the must-sees of each park, and lesser-known places as well, making sure you don’t miss a thing. Detailed guidance highlights the best spots for wildlife watching, favorite places for kayaking, swimming, camping, hiking, and other activities, as well as such nuts-and-bolts information as how to get to each park, the best seasons, where to stay, and much more. This is the only guide you’ll need on your next foray into Canada’s splendid parks.

Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack

Where Should We Camp Next?: A 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations

Multi-Day Camping Trips in the Mountains

Wilderness 101

Learn how to prepare and be equipped for all varieties of terrain, learn the fundamentals of weather conditions and how to meet them, learn to avoid wildlife and avoid attracting it, learn essential skills and emergency procedures relating to several outdoor activities, and much more.

United States, Northeast Map

The United States Northeast Adventure Map will guide you through the states of the Mid-Atlantic region (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey) and New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine). Each of these states is rich in history and nature and has its distinct character, from the dramatic rocky shoreline of Maine’s Acadia National Park and the beaches and dunes of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, through the Adirondack Mountains of New York, the White and Green Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, and the rolling Allegheny and Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The diverse megalopolis of Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston that covers the Atlantic coastal plain is interspersed with historic seaports and beautiful parks, beaches, marshes, and bays, including Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. The inland cities of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Albany are also included on this map. There is simply no better map for exploring the Northeast United States.

Guides to Mountain Hiking Adventures

Exploring the Great Smoky Mountains

Backpacking Trips with Friends and Family

Guides to Your Next Road Trip Adventure

Guides to Overnight Camping Adventures

Guides to Backpacking, Cycling & Hiking Canada

Guides to Hiking New York and New Jersey

Wine Country Hiking and Wine Tasting Adventures

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Inspiring Travel Getaway Destinations

Guides to Cycling and Hiking in California

Guides to Planning Your Camping and Hiking Trip Adventure

Camping, Hiking, and Mountain Biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Practical Guides to Hiking in Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina

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Hiking and Camping Safety Guides