How to Increase Online Fundraiser Donations

Profitable fundraising ideas and everything you need to know about the fundraising process. Meet your money goal using creative fundraising techniques and strategies to raise donations. Call to Action Tips—Initiate an online and offline marketing program.

Fundraiser Rescue

Over 120 new original and unique fundraising ideas for nonprofits across the globe. All new Fundraisers that have never been seen before and come complete with sample logos and instructions on how to implement the idea and hold the charity event. When your non-profit organization is in need of a fresh new fundraiser, Fundraiser Rescue is the guide for you!

How to Raise the Money You Need for the Causes You Love: Secrets from a Master Fundraiser

Online Fundraisers: Targeted Planning and Successful Implementation

A “need to read” for all fundraisers, fundraising organizations, and non-profits looking to conduct online fundraisers!

RAISE IT!: The Reluctant Fundraiser’s Guide to Raising Money Without Selling Your Soul

You have big dreams. Your “cause.” You have a purpose and are on a mission to change the world. Everyone you share your big vision with loves it. But something happens when it comes time to raise money.

21 Tips for Highly Successful Fundraisers 

The Life of a Fundraiser: Making A Difference

Become a Fundraiser: The Strategies and Tools in Raising Money for Mighty Missions 

Whether you’re gathering pledges for an individual reason or a not-for-profit association, there are innumerable motivations behind why you or your association might have to fund-raise.

Fundraiser Planner

This planner can handle all of your fundraising needs. Keep track of contacts, donors, team members, events, and so much more!

Fundraising Is Everything Done Before Asking for Money

From creating a plan to prioritizing the best way to apply their efforts, these tactics can be applied whether working at a small local non-profit or the chapter of an international charity.

Born to Raise: What Makes a Great Fundraiser Great

Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising: A Handbook for Both the Professional and New Fundraiser

There are key principles necessary for success in any sphere of fundraising. Then there are both established and newer methods of fundraising techniques and strategies that the modern and successful fundraiser needs to master.

The Process-Driven Annual Fund: Turn Your Annual Fund Campaign into a Revenue Machine

Non-profit organizations that treat their donors with respect and have a genuine desire to create a relationship that’s built on trust and loyalty will grow revenue. It’s as simple as that.

Fundraising Ideas: A List of the Best Ways to Raise Money for Your Group or Cause

If you’re looking for a guide to fun, creative, and lucrative fundraising ideas, this book is for you! If you’ve volunteered to help raise money for your group or organization, after the initial bout of enthusiasm passes, you might feel a little stuck. You know where you’re starting from and what your ultimate goal is, but the journey in between remains a blur. 

The Essential Fundraising Guide for K-12 Schools

The Complete Guide to Writing Successful Fundraising Letters for Your Non-Profit Organization

Whether you are a nonprofit focused on the arts, charities, wildlife protection, religion, health, science, literature, or any other field, you will find valuable information in this book.

Perfect Phrases for Fundraising

Precise language in a fundraising campaign is an absolute must. Your chosen words can make the difference between having your appeal read or tossed. This quick-access guide is packed with time-saving tips, message-crafting strategies, and ready-to-use phrases sure to get results in any campaign.

The Simple Art of Fundraising: Easy Principles and Practices To Raise the Money You Need

Easy-to-follow steps you can enact right away to raise the money you need. This book will demystify the entire fundraising process, making you feel confident you know everything you need to know to start asking and keep creating.

The Beginners Guide to Fundraising

With this thorough and easy-to-follow book, you’ll discover all you need to know to start collecting money for your cause.

How to Raise Money for Political Office: The Original Guide to Winning Elections Through Aggressive, Organized Fundraising

Developing a campaign narrative, budgeting, prospecting for donors, building a finance committee, and organizing your campaign office are all crucial to your success. Learn how to build a war chest with outstanding events, compelling letters, and engaging online fundraising.

Get That Money, Honey!: The No-Bullsh*t Guide to Raising More Money For Your Nonprofit

Rhea Wong, a leading non-profit consultant, reveals her methodology to transform Breakthrough New York from a meager $200,000 nonprofit into a multi-million-dollar organization. The secret is relatively simple: the right mindset, the right systems, and the right strategies.

The Non-Profit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause

A step-by-step walkthrough of creating an online and offline marketing program that will grow and scale with your organization. Create realistic marketing strategies and communications plans for non-profits of any size. Build and engage a community of supporters around your organization.

Making the Ask: The Artful Science of High-Value Fundraising

If you’re a fundraiser or social entrepreneur keen to secure a significant gift for any social cause, you need to be able to ask the right people for the right money in the right way. But how do you do that? 

From the Ground Up: Digital Fundraising For Nonprofits

This book is designed to be a handy, easy-to-use handbook you’ll want to have within reach. Ideal for someone starting their career in fundraising or someone that wants to bring their charity’s digital program up to speed.

School Fundraising: So Much More than Cookie Dough

A must-have book for school administrators who work with the fundraising groups and the volunteers who manage them.

61 Simple & Profitable Fundraising Ideas For Youth Programs

Discover Tips to Earn More Money, Maximize Funds, & Create a Lasting Impact for Your School, Sports Team, Church Group or Non-Profit. With a focus on simple, practical, and profitable ideas, this book provides the ultimate roadmap for organizing successful and impactful fundraising campaigns. From creative fundraisers to time-tested classics, each idea is presented with tips and tricks to help you execute them flawlessly.

How to Increase Online Fundraiser Donations