Launch and Grow Your Home Gardening Project

Launch and Grow Your Home Gardening Project

Experience the Joy of Home Gardening. Start Your Community Garden with Greenhouses, Raised Plant Beds and More—UNITED STATES AND CANADA DELIVERY.

Whether you’re planning a few flower boxes on the patio or a full backyard garden bursting with fruits and vegetables, these lovely gardening plants and tools will help you stay motivated.

Classic Sienna Raised Garden Bed 8′ x 8′ x 11″ (U.S.)

Perfect for growing herbs, berries, veggies and flowers, this 11″ raised garden bed helps you organize and cultivate your favorite plants.

Easy to install. 64 square feet of planting area. Create unique designs with 270-degree pivoting brackets.

SHOP NOW: Sienna Raised Garden Bed (Sam’s Club)

Vienna Vinyl Garden Arbor (United States)

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Plow & Hearth

Many gardening plants can be started inside in a small pot during the colder months and then transferred to your garden once warmer weather arrives.

Best Choice 8x4x2ft Outdoor Metal Raised Garden Bed

2FT GROWING DEPTH: 24 inches of depth holds up to 478 gallons of soil-ideal for medium to deep rooting plants and vegetables like broccoli, beans, and more.

Aloe Vera and Aloe Aborescens: How to Grow, Care For and Use Your Medicinal Plants for Better Health! (Organic Gardening) 

Most of us are familiar with the very popular household plant known as Aloe Vera. We know it is used for conditions such as burns, skin rashes, cuts and bruises and other health related aides, but unfortunately it is seldom used to its full potential. 

Air Purifying Live Aloe Vera Indoor House Plant in 4″ Grow Pot (6-Pack)

Sienna Raised Garden Bed 4′ x 16′ x 11″

The 11-inch-high stacked side boards give you lots of depth to grow both underground veggies like garlic, as well as tall plants like tomatoes.

It keeps soil warmer in the Spring and Fall, and cooler in the Summer, so you can grow for an extended period. You can easily convert your bed to an octagon, just by changing the angle of the brackets.

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CedarCraft Elevated Spruce Planter with Greenhouse Cover (U.S.)

The ultimate gardening kit combines the flexibility of container gardening with the convenience of a self-watering irrigation system. Easy working height minimizes back and knee strain.

Best Choice Products Walk-in Tunnel Green House

  • 8 rolling-up windows with screens (4 on each side)
  • Zippered door for easy access
  • Heavy duty threaded PE cover and rust resistant
  • High grade silver powder coated steel tube farm
  • Includes ropes and stakes for stability

Hunter Women’s Original Short Gloss Rain Boots

Urn Pedestal Plant & Flower Container (U.S. & Canada)

Placed near a front door, entrance, garage or on a porch, this planter makes a stately presence when filled with your favorite plants, flowers or vines. Planter has the look of traditional cast iron or stone planters. Lends an estate feel to your home with its classic pedestal form.

Urn Pedestal Flower & Plant Container (Plow & Hearth)

Elevated Mobile Raised Ergonomic Metal Planter Garden Bed

MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE: Get the most out of your planting and storage space with a large-sized planter. Designed with a built-in storage shelf for easy access to your gardening accessories.

New England Nantucket Legacy Garden Arbor

Plow & Hearth

Portable Tomato Planter with Self-Water Reservoir

This Rolling Self-Watering Tomato Planter with Tower makes it easier than ever to grow healthy, delicious tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and more. Veggies taste so much better when you grow them yourself.

The lightweight, portable planter has rolling casters so you can move it for your plant’s needs: more sunshine, more shade, protection from storms.

You can even start seeds in it indoors (great for colder climes!) to get a jump start on the growing season, then move outside when the weather warms. USA & CANADA.

Portable Tomato Planter with Tower (Plow & Hearth)


Raised garden beds give your plants the room they need to grow in the location of your choice. This 8 ft. x 12 ft. x 16.5 in. U-Shaped Garden Bed is EASY TO SET UP.

Greene’s Fence raised garden beds use dovetail interlocking joints, which makes assembly a breeze. Each board slides into the corner posts without tools to form a secure open-bottom garden frame. Every corner post is routed on all four sides for easy assembly and expansion.

Lenovo EZVIZ C3X Surveillance Camera (U.S. & Canada)

Lenovo EZVIZ C3X Surveillance Camera

Palram Oasis Greenhouse (U.S.)

Enhance your garden’s beauty and enjoy your outdoor living space with the Palram Oasis greenhouse.

Your plants will thrive with the well-balanced exposure to sunlight provided by the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate twin-wall roof panels and crystal-clear side panels.

The Oasis greenhouse is easy to install and includes a galvanized steel base for structural support, lockable double door, side louvre window for ventilation and an integrated gutter system for water drainage and collection.

The generous growing area, elegant design and balanced nurturing conditions of the Oasis make it an enjoyable growing feature for your backyard.

Plow & Hearth

Ogrow Aluminium Greenhouse (U.S.)

Walk-In 6′ X 4′ with Sliding Door and Adjustable Roof Vent. Measures 74.8″ L x 41.97″ W x 79.13″ H.

This aluminum greenhouse maintains an even temperature ranging from -25° to 60°C, providing an excellent growing environment with good insulation from frost.

BUY NOW: Ogrow Aluminium Greenhouse (Sam’s Club)

Plow & Hearth

Azalea Bonsai Tree (U.S. & Canada)

The Blooming Azalea Bonsai Dark Green foliage of this garden beauty is planted in an Asian style ceramic container in assorted colors. Gravel, and humidity tray are included. This plant is best suited for growing outdoors depending on climate.

Azalea Bonsai Tree (ProFlowers/ProPlants)

Plow & Hearth

8-Piece Heavy Duty Garden Tool Kit 

This set includes pruning shears, garden trowel, transplanter, weeder, cultivator, hand rake, garden gloves and garden tools bag. Ergonomic handles of the gardening tools will reduce your hands stress and fatigue when you are digging, weeding, planting and cutting.

Hunter Women’s Gloss Rain Boots in Various Colors

Plow & Hearth

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Connect your Ring doorbell with Alexa to hear announcements on your compatible Echo device when your doorbell is pressed and see a live view of your camera if you have an Echo device with a screen. Talk to visitors by saying “Alexa, talk to the front door.”

Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC. Sends alerts as soon as motion is detected or when visitors press the Doorbell.

Trellis and Flower Plant Container Combination

Makes a great privacy screen with or without climbing plants. 2-gallon reservoir automatically waters mature plants. Planter base with attached lattice trellis back.

Covered with flowers or vines, this Planter with Trellis and Self-Watering Reservoir makes a convenient and attractive privacy screen.

Roll it to where you need it: just unlock the casters and push the planter to the desired spot. A planter with wheels is so convenient! USA & CANADA

Plow & Hearth

Potted plants and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gardening kits make it easy to start small, while the bulbs and flowering garden plants are perfect for stunning outdoor projects!

Some potted plants are even able to survive both indoors and outside, making them a perfect way to bring the color and freshness of a garden into smaller spaces like an office or apartment.

CedarCraft Elevated Cedar Planter + Greenhouse Cover

Easy working height minimizes back & knee strain. Complete Raised Garden kit to Grow Tomatoes, Veggies & Herbs. The Greenhouse Extends Growing Season & Protects Plants.

HUNTER Men’s Original Short Rain Boots

Plow & Hearth

Sunshine & Joy Garden (U.S. & Canada)

The color yellow expresses happiness, imagination and fun, as does this garden! This plant is filled to the brim with smiles.

The garden is overflowing with a collection of two yellow Kalanchoes, a golden Pothos and a Croton plant. The flowers may arrive in buds, only to bloom in a short time.

ProFlowers Sunshine & Joy Garden

Red Wagon Potting Table (U.S. & Canada)

Add workspace to your garden for potting your plants or displaying other items.

Red Wagon Potting Table (Plow & Hearth)

Jardineer 11-Piece Garden Tool Set

SAFE & EFFICIENT SHEARS: The unique grass shears and high-quality pruning shears allow you to trim grass, garden lawn and cut rose stems, bulb plants. Hardened blades with anti-rust coating ensure quick and precise cutting. Set includes 7 outdoor hand tools with grass shears, bypass pruning shears, trowel, transplant trowel, hand fork, weeder, cultivator. Extra included Kneeling Pad, Spray Bottle, Garden Gloves, Storage Tote Bag.

Yellow Mini Rose Plant (U.S. & Canada)

This plant is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, depending on climate. The yellow rose plant shares sunshine with an uplifting abundance of vibrant florals and lush foliage. While it may arrive in its bud-stage, the roses on this plant will bloom beautifully in a short time.

Mini Yellow Rose Plant (ProFlowers/ProPlants)

Plow & Hearth

Self-Watering Plant & Flower Containers (U.S. & Canada)

Double-walled planters provide insulation during hot and cold weather. All-weather high-grade polyethylene planters provide long-lasting beauty, durability and quality. You’ll enjoy these sturdy and colorful planters for years to come.

Double-Walled Flower & Plant Containers (Plow & Hearth)

BUY NOW: Garden Kneeler (Plow & Hearth, USA & CANADA)

Brass Watering Can (U.S. & Canada)

Add a shiny touch to your garden shed with Modern Sprout’s 3L Brass Watering Can. This handcrafted, rust-resistant tool is made of brushed stainless steel with a brass finish, doubling as a staple decor piece.

Brass Watering Can (ProFlowers/ProPlants)

Plow & Hearth

3 Piece Eucalyptus Wood Bistro Patio Furniture Set

Bistro Table Set is the perfect spot for coffee, al fresco meals or cocktails. Folding Chairs provide a sturdy and comfortable place to relax, and they’re easy to tote and store. Crafted from FSC-certified eucalyptus and features a rich, attractive finish that protects the wood and enhances the gorgeous grain. USA & CANADA

Bistro Table and Chair Set (Plow & Hearth)

Sussex Frost-Proof Flower & Plant Containers

Frost-proof, four-season resin composite planters have the look of copper and are practical and durable, for use indoors and out. Three versatile sizes for attractive grouping options. USA & CANADA

Frost-Proof, 4-Season Resin Composite Flower Planters (Plow & Hearth)

Plow & Hearth

12 Months of Flower Bulbs For Your Garden (U.S. & Canada)

Fill every month of the year with spectacular floral displays. The fragrant, cheerful Twelve Months of Flower Bulb Gardens is also a thoughtful gift that lasts well beyond the holidays. Each month brings a delightful new assortment!

12 Months of Garden Flower Bulbs (Plow & Hearth)

You can send potted gardens to friends, family, and even yourself with just a click of a button. Whether it’s a trendy succulent garden in a gold and grey clay pot, there’s a little something for everyone.

Near or far, send a potted garden to your loved ones regardless of location. ProFlowers delivers to almost 100% of the United States and Canada.

Faux Petunia Hanging Flower Basket (U.S. & Canada)

You’ll enjoy wonderful, realistic color season after season with no watering, no dead-heading, no maintenance. Give your home effortless curb appeal all season long just by placing this gorgeous faux flowering plant in a container on your porch or stoop.

Faux Petunia Hanging Flower Basket (Plow & Hearth)

Lucky Bamboo (U.S. & Canada)

Legend says a gift of living bamboo brings good fortune to its bearer, hence the name, Lucky Bamboo. The Double Lucky Bamboo plant has 2 layers of Bamboo double stacked and tied together with a gold band. Also included are pebbles and care information.

Simply place the stems in the 5″ black ceramic container, place the decorative stone pebbles around the stalks, and add water. Replenish water as needed. Lucky Bamboo thrives in either low light or indirect sunlight, making it an easy to care for plant!

Lucky Bamboo Plant (ProFlowers/ProPlants)

Rain Water Barrel (U.S. & Canada)

Conserve water and save money with the 50-Gallon Rain Barrel with Flat Back. Easy-to-use solution provides plenty of fresh, free water for your garden, flowerbeds or household chores.

The Rain Barrel includes a fine mesh filter top screen to keep out insects and debris, with a direct feed from your downspout.

Rain Water Barrel (Plow & Hearth)

Raised Mesh Outdoor Pet Bed (U.S. & Canada)

The Weather-Resistant Raised Mesh Pet Bed sits 8″ off the ground to give your dog a cool spot to lie down while you’re tending to your vegetable and flower garden.

Raised Mesh Outdoor Pet Bed (Plow & Hearth)

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Plow & Hearth

Sitting Bench with Detailed Sunflower Design

Create a charming and comfortable spot to sit in the front yard or back yard under a tree, on the patio, deck, porch, or balcony. This generously sized park-style bench seat nicely fits two.

Its detailed iron sunflower plate adds romance to the already elegant silhouette. You can also place it in the sun room or entry way for a cheerful and practical place to rest. USA & CANADA

Sunflower Park-Style Garden Bench (Plow & Hearth)

Classic Slatted Wooden Rocking Chairs

Timeless design for porch, patio or deck. Available in Natural Stain, Black or White Paint. UNITED STATES & CANADA

Slatted Wood Rocking Chairs (Plow & Hearth)

Lexington Self-Watering Window Flower Boxes

Traditional style with bead board design. All-season high-grade polyethylene planters provide long-lasting beauty, durability and quality. UNITED STATES & CANADA

Window Flower Plant Box (Plow & Hearth)

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Launch and Grow Your Home Gardening Project

Experience the Joy of Home Gardening. Start Your Community Garden with Greenhouses, Raised Plant Beds and More—UNITED STATES AND CANADA DELIVERY. Whether you’re planning a few flower boxes on the patio or a full backyard garden bursting with fruits and vegetables, these lovely gardening plants and tools will help you stay motivated. Classic Sienna Raised…