Planning a Trip? 7 Cyber Safety Tips For Travelers

Planning a Trip? 7 Cyber Safety Tips For Travelers

Don’t Forget These Must-Have Travel Accessories

Whether you are traveling by airplane, bus, car, recreational vehicle (RV), SUV, or train, here are a few must-have travel items for your trip.

Travel Tips

Bring or Wear Slip-On Shoes

If you’re traveling via air, wearing shoes you can get off and on easily helps keep everyone behind you in line happy.

You will have to remove your shoes. So save yourself the hassle of unbuckling, unzipping, or untying and bring them slip-ons!

Easy slip-on shoes and comfy socks can help alleviate the “gotta put your shoes back on” struggle.


Suavs All-In-One Sneaker Shoes for Women & Men are perfect for traveling, no matter where you’re headed (International Shipping).

Clarks Botanic Slip-on Sandals for Men and Women

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Protective Face Masks

In some places, face masks are still required. Protect yourself and others by adhering to the guidelines and wear a face mask. Ultimate Protective Face Masks from Nurse Mates have adjustable toggle ear loops for a perfect fit with soft, breathable 2-ply construction.

The Ultimate Protective Face Masks for Traveling Nurses, Doctors & Frontline Healthcare Workers

Carry-On Rolling Duffel Bag

The Rolling Wide Mouth Duffel Bag is made of full-grain American cowhide that gets softer, smoother and darker with each passing year. The wide opening and sturdy shell also make it easy to load. Features two in-line wheels and a telescoping trolley handle for easy maneuvering. Available in Tan, Brown or Black.

Rolling Wide Duffel Bag with a Trolley Handle (Sharper Image)

Luxury Leather Garment Bag

Works as carry-on luggage. Elevate your sense of style when traveling at home or abroad. Compact and convenient, this carry-on bag features two extra-large exterior zippered pockets, snap closure design for holding hanger hooks, and a full grain aniline cowhide. Elegant and stylish, it’s ideal for two-night trips. Available in Tan.

Genuine Leather Garment Bag works as carry-on luggage

Premium Leather Backpack

Roomy interior compartment with slots and dividers for files, phone, pen, tablet. Separate laptop compartment for easy airport access. Leather key fob. Concealed zip out water bottle holder. Available in Tan, Brown or Distressed Buffalo

Premium Leather Backpack (Sharper Image)

Mobile Devices

Catch the games or get caught up on your favorite television show on your mobile device.

Note that at the airport, any electronic devices larger than a cell phone will need to be placed in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

Tab M8 HD LTE 8-inch Tablet from Lenovo USA

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Tab M8 HD LTE 8 inch Tablet

Thinkpad Detachable 12″ Intel Tablet from Lenovo USA

$ 1,109.40
$ 1,849.00
ThinkPad X12 Detachable (12″, Intel) Tablet

Travel Grooming Set for Men and Women

The Luxury Travel Grooming Kit has everything you need to look your best, at home or on the road. Includes razor, twin blade pack, nail clippers, toothbrush, nail file, comb, tweezers, scissor, cuticle pusher, corkscrew and combination shoehorn/lint brush.

The case, made from soft and smooth top grain nappa leather, zips shut for easy storage and transport. Available in Black, Cocoa, Red or Tan.

Travel Grooming Set for Men and Women (Sharper Image)

Portable Battery

Having a lightweight charger for your phone is a good idea wherever you are traveling.

Universal Adapter

One travel tool you need in your arsenal is a universal adapter, especially one with multiple slots for USB chargers so you can charge multiple devices without a bulky power bar.

7 Cyber Safety Tips for Travelers

  1. Set up the “Find My Phone” Feature on your Devices. Before you head out on vacation, this setting will allow you to find, remotely wipe data and/or disable the device if it gets into the wrong hands.
  2. If you share computers, don’t share information.
  3. Be extremely cautious on public computers in airports, hotel lobbies and internet cafes. Keep activities as generic and anonymous as possible. If you do log into accounts, such as email, always click “Logout” when you are finished. Simply Clicking the “x” does not log you out of accounts.
  4. Get Savvy About Wi-FI Hot Spots. Do not transmit personal information or make purchases on unsecure networks. Instead, use a virtual private network (VPN) or your phone as a personal hotspot to surf the internet more securely.

5. Protect Physical Devices. Ensure your devices are with you at all times. If you’re staying in a hotel, the best thing to do is lock them in a safe or lock them in your luggage.

6. Using Your Device at an Airport or Cafe? Don’t leave it unattended with a stranger while you get up to use the restroom or order another beverage. Keep your devices with you at all times.

The phrase “stranger danger” also applies to cybersecurity.

7. Actively Manage Location Services

Location tools come in handy while planning navigating a new place, but they can also expose your location, even through photos. Turn off location services when not in use.

For more Cybersecurity Resources, visit the National CyberSecurity Alliance website.

Backpack for Your Tablet

The Sandy Lisa St. Tropez Mini Backpack can be used for multiple purposes to store gadgets and items that you can access immediately.

$ 79.99
$ 84.99
Sandy Lisa St. Tropez Mini – backpack for tablet

Ultra Plush Fleece Lounging Hoodie

One size fits all. Available in Gray, Burgundy, Navy, Nordic Gray, Buffalo Plaid or Tie Dye. Made with ultra plush fleece and Sherpa fleece lining.

It’s the perfect way to take the chill off at home or while traveling. Features a large hood and handy front pocket.

Ultra Plush Fleece Lounging Hoodie Blanket

Party and Wedding Invitations for the Picky Bride (Worldwide Shipping). Choose from 200+ gorgeous cards for your wedding and party invitation designs.

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Tote Bag by York Athletics

The Bag by Aly Raisman can be used as an everyday tote, a pack-light bag, or for packing shoes for travel. Breathable, 4-way stretch technical woven fabric.

Extra thick (comfy) drawstrings. Wrapping your shoes is great for keeping your dirty shoes away from the rest of your clothing.

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Stores carrying luggage include JanSport, Macy's, Samsonite, eBags, Target, JCPenney, Belk, Walmart, Kohl's, among others.

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Flip-Flops and Slide-on Slippers

Keep your feet protected and wear flip-flops every time you shower or visit the pool.

Suavs Eddy Slide-On Slipper Shoes (International Shipping)

Toilet Paper

Long bus or car journeys often stop at rest areas where they’ll be no toilet paper. You will be thankful that you have brought your own.

You can store a roll in a Ziplock bag, squish it, so it doesn’t take up too much space.


Pair Your Favorite Jeans with SUAVS All-In-One Sneaker Shoes (International Shipping)

Pens and Pencils

Make sure you have a pen or pencil in every bag. You never know when you need a pen, especially if you need to fill out any customs paperwork.

York Athletics Footwear


Pack your carry-on bag in a manner so that if it must be gate-checked, you can quickly remove the fragile, valuable, and critical items.

Best Travel Shoes

The Best Travel Shoes for Men & Women by SUAVS (International Shipping)

Certain items should never be put into a piece of luggage that you plan to check into the baggage compartment:

  • Small valuables: cash, credit cards, jewelry, an expensive camera
  • Critical items: medicine, keys, passport, tour vouchers, business papers.
  • Fragile items: eyeglasses, glass containers, liquids.

Rolling Carrying Case

It is wise to put items that you will need during the first 24 hours in a carry-on bag.

$ 149.99
ECO STYLE Luxe Rolling case notebook carrying case and pouch bag

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Don't overpack a bag. This puts pressure on the latches, making it easier for them to pop open.

Women's Shoulder and Tote Bags

Shop Nine West for the latest style Totes and Shoulder Bags for Women

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Paisley Jet Set Satchel

Denim Logo Paisley Jet Set Satchel Bag from Nine West

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Kennedy Wallet On A String

Kennedy Wallet on a String by Nine West

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Girl On The Go Jet Set Satchel

Black Girl-on-the-Go Jet Set Satchel Bag from Nine West

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Crawford Small Satchel

Crawford Small Satchel Bag from Nine West

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Freely Studded Flat Slide Sandals

$ 0.00
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Hayzel Slip On Sneaker Mules

Credit and Debit Cards

Sometimes your bank will block your card, sometimes your card won’t work in an ATM, and sometimes you could even lose it or have it stolen.

Bring at least three debit/credit cards with you that are all linked to different accounts. Keep one in your backpack, one in your daypack, and one on your person.

If you don’t have a credit card, you can apply for a secured credit card with a minimum deposit of $200.00

Protection from Hackers and Thieves

While traveling, you’ll be connecting to a whole range of unsecured Wi-Fi networks. So protect yourself from hackers and malware attacks with McAfee.

McAfee Mobile Device Protection in the U.S. and Canada

Travel Guides, eBooks and Audiobooks

Wherever you're headed in your travels, having a travel guide for your destination is useful. Also, during a long trip, reading an good ebook or listening to an audiobook helps to pass the time.

Kobo eReaders are comfortable, convenient, and designed for the best reading experience. Kobo offers waterproof models so you can read in the bath, at the beach, by the pool, in the sunroom, outdoor deck, or traveling on the road.

Browse eBooks & Audiobooks for your Travel Time

Ear Plugs and a Sleep Mask

Pack some earplugs and a sleep mask in your bag to help drown out the noise, early risers rustling through bags, street noise from outside, loudspeakers nearby, and to improve your sleep. Order Wireless Earphones from SOUL (Worldwide Shipping)


The Ultimate Backpack

Everything you need, all in one place. The Ultimate Backpack has you covered with tons of roomy pockets and functional features. This Backpack is perfect for Traveling Nurses, Red Cross Volunteers, Doctors Without Borders, and on-the-go Frontline Healthcare Workers.

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KN95 High-Quality Face Mask

Don't Forget to Order Your KN95 High-Quality Protective Face Masks

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What are some of your must-have travel items, gadgets, and accessories?

What tips do you have for travelers? COMMENT BELOW

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Don’t Forget These Must-Have Travel Accessories Whether you are traveling by airplane, bus, car, recreational vehicle (RV), SUV, or train, here are a few must-have travel items for your trip. Bring or Wear Slip-On Shoes If you’re traveling via air, wearing shoes you can get off and on easily helps keep everyone behind you in…