Natural JADE Statues & Figurines | JADE Jewelry | JADE Gift Sets

Natural JADE Statues & Figurines | JADE Jewelry | JADE Gift Sets

Jade is said to have Healing Powers, bring Good Luck & Longevity. Believed to Restore Harmony & Balance, Jade is a Beloved Gemstone. Jade is said to possess a Loving and Captivating Energy.


Jade “Blessings, Wealth and Longevity” Chinese Symbol Pendant Necklace

Green jade pendant necklace with Chinese symbols in 14kt yellow gold. 28x14mm rectangle jade slice. Symbols represent blessings, wealth and longevity.

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Real Jade Hand Carved Bangle Bracelet—Regalia by Ulti Ramos

This Jade bangle is made from genuine, quality Green Jade. The bangle was hand cut, carved, and polished to a very fine finish. The closure is an elegant 14K Solid Gold snap clasp with hinge.

White Green Oval Jade Pendant Necklace

The oval shape is empty in the center with an opening at the top and bottom. A motif of Dragon and Ru-Yi is carved on each side. The necklace is made of black and red string with a few pieces of decoration jade beads. And the necklace length is adjustable. It is a genuine jade piece.

Carved Jade Bangle Bracelet

  • JADE AND 14KT YELLOW GOLD — Carved green jade bangle bracelet with 14kt yellow gold. Polished finish. 7 in. long. 1/2 in. wide. Clasp free, slip on.
  • IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY WEAR — With its essential design, this bracelet wears well whether you’re running errands, in the office or out with the girls.

Jade “Longevity” Chinese Symbol Circle Pendant Necklace

Lobster clasp has a spring mechanism for sturdy security. Round shape green jade. Polished 14kt yellow gold.

Jade Bangle Bracelet with Sterling Silver Chalcedony Peacock Design

Jade is a very important part of Chinese history. 

Natural Nephrite Jade Pendant 18″ Necklace 

Elegantly Crafted in Highest Quality 14K Yellow Gold for Luxurious Shine and Feel.

The most valuable form of jade is the Imperial jade. It is an emerald green color. The rarer colors are yellow, pink, purple and black. In ancient Egypt, jade was admired as the stone of love, inner peace and harmony.

Jade Dragon Bracelet

Rectangle shape green jade. Polished 18kt yellow gold over sterling silver.

Alberto Juan Mexican Hand Made Sterling Silver Jade Necklace

Handmade from Mexican silver and natural jade, sourced from Myanmar.

Green Jade Bangle Bracelet

2.4″ China Certified Nature Hetian Nephrite Jade.

Jade “Blessing” Chinese Fu Symbol Circle Pendant Necklace

Round shape green jade. Polished 14kt yellow gold.

Good Fortune Jade Bracelet

This elegant green jade bracelet for women is a gorgeous addition to any woman’s jewelry box. Lovely worn alone or paired with complementary bangles or chain bracelets, this is a truly versatile bracelet.

Ice Blue Jade Pendant Hand-Carved into a Leaf Burmuse Jade Amulet

This jade pendant is 100 percent natural, untreated and undyed Type-A jadeite jade. Very translucent blue green fine grains with great clarity, purely created by our Mother Nature, was hand-crafted into a lovely leaf. This pendant has fine texture, vitreous luster and is translucent. The sense of touch is cool.

Asian Style Green Dyed Jade Bar Link Bracelet

Channel positive energy and add instant polish to any ensemble with this divine, link bracelet.


Ice Jade Pendant Green Bean Natural Burmese Necklace

Clever design, unique workmanship. Wear it yourself or as a gift give it to your loved one, friends or family.

Natural Hetian Nephrite Jade Buddha Pendant Necklace Studded with 18K Rose Gold

Comes with a Jewelry certificate of authenticity by China’s National Testing Center. 100% Hand-crafted. Types: Genuine Untreated Natural Hetian Nephrite. Beautiful translucent rich spinach green by Mother Nature makes this pendant absolutely unique and beautiful. 

Jade Love Swan – Natural Nephrite Jade Pendant Necklace

With a gorgeous hand-carved Swan made from genuine jade stone, this jade necklace represents prosperity, good luck and wealth, being the perfect everyday accessory!

Multicolored Jade Bead Bracelet with 14kt Yellow Gold

Black jade, lavender jade, green jade, red jade, yellow jade and white jade. 

Natural Nephrite Jade Pendant & Sterling Silver Necklace

Elegant, Classic design Jade necklace in gold sterling silver. Polished finish. Represents good luck and keeps the ill-wills away.

JADE Statues & Figurines

Marble Cottage Green Jade Krishna Figurine 

Handcrafted in Natural Green Jade. Hindu Deity. Indian God and Goddess.

Jade Lion Sculpture

The lion symbolizes strength in China, courage and power is the king of beasts and is regarded as a folk mascot Since ancient times, people have often placed a pair of lions in front of their homes.

The lion is the most common auspicious beast in folk culture, it is the embodiment of wisdom and power. It has auspicious, prosperous, endless meaning, a symbol of status, dignity, and peace.

Jade Goddess of Mercy Statue

  • This Guanyin buddha statue is made from a durable jaden material, is hand-carved to produce the fine detailing, material easy to care.
  • Our Guan Yin statue is full of compassion, tolerance, kindness, harmony and elegance. She shows the inner spirit of quanyin very well. Just like a gentle mother and beautiful goddess.

Tibet Temple Black Jade Stone Painted Green Tara Kwan-Yin Guanyin Buddha Statue

The design of this Buddha statue adds a Zen and relaxed look to your indoor space. It can also bring you good luck and auspiciousness and increase wealth. It is one of the happiest feng shui symbols.

Natural Green Jade and Black Agate Gemstone Horse Head Statue

Bronze Jade Emperor & Queen Mother Dragon Phoenix Statue

This indoor Buddha image is the perfect decoration for your meditation space or spiritual living space. This golden Buddha sends righteous thoughts.

JADE Gift Sets

16-Piece Natural Green JADE Massage Stones

These Massage Stones can effectively massage and warm your muscles, give your body a deep relaxing mood, improving your blood circulation.

Monpure Heal and Energize Jade Comb

This exquisite Heal and Energize Jade Comb helps to relieve tension in the scalp, stimulate hair follicles and detangle hair. Inspired by the centuries-old Chinese health ritual of ‘combing therapy,’ combing the scalp stimulates meridian channels that run throughout the body, helping to regulate mood, improve blood circulation and promote positive energy.

Jade is often used in crystal healing to relieve low moods. The jade comb is perfect for those with fine hair. It can be used as part of a revitalizing scalp massage with Monpure serums.

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Face Luxury Anti-Aging Tool Set with Countertop Stand

Gua Sha facial tools are designed to improve circulation through a simple process of gently scraping the skin. The cool sensation of the Jade and rose quartz rollers target your skin’s texture, releasing tension below your skin’s surface. Soothe your skin from within with a face roller set!

Ginger | Chi Jade Natural Guasha Stone Skin Scraping Comb

Hand made by 100% natural premium jade stone, the jade guasha comb has unique 8 teeth that are more effective for scraping, will not hurt your skin. The comb works well on face, head, neck, back, hand and feet, helps release muscle tension, tightens the skin and delays the appearance of visible skin aging.

Jade Leaf Matcha + Ceremony Set Bundle – Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Culinary Pouch and Complete Matcha Ceremony Set

  • Complete matcha gift set: Contains everything you need to prepare the perfect cup of matcha in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony style.
  • Create Amazing Matcha Recipes – Culinary Grade Matcha is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to lattes, smoothies, baked goods, and other dishes.

Ginger | Chi Jade 100% Natural Guasha Tool for Face, Neck and Body

This beautifully made real jade guasha acts as a natural facelift, minimizes pores, tightens skin, and increases lymphatic drainage. It helps in stimulating meridians, activating blood circulation, helps in healing heal pain and inflammation in the body.

Ginger | Chi 100% Natural Rose Quartz Skincare Roller for Eyes, Cheeks, Forehead, & Neck

ASTOUNDING BENEFITS – The skin-care roller may help even out skin tone and reducing puffiness/ dark circles around the eyes. It might also help eliminate toxins, reduce stress and inflammation, improve sinus conditions and congestion, and support product absorption into the skin.

Use the eye roller all over the face and hit the meridian points to promote face Chi for a younger, more radiant complexion.

Jade Green Rune Sets

These runes set use for Spiritual, Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Healing, Metaphysical, Divination Reiki. The set includes Engraved Lettering.

New Age New Jade Roller Guasha Set

  • 3 in 1 Jade Roller Set with Gift Box- Our face roller and gua sha set comes with double-sided smooth jade roller and textured ridge roller, as well as gua sha massage tool and mushroom facial massager
  • Natural and Authentic Jade Stone- Our jade roller and gua sha set is made from natural jade stones, that won’t rust, safe and free of any chemicals or irritants.; This stone has anti-aging benefits that help reduce wrinkles and the appearance of a double chin.

Premium Gua Sha and Jade Roller Gift Set

Includes Anti-Aging Face Roller and Gua Sha Facial Tool – Face Massager for Your Skincare Routine by Plantifique

The high-quality facial roller and gua sha are handcrafted from 100% authentic Jade Stone from Anshan city, Liaoning province. The jade stone is known for promoting balance and good energy which will have a positive effect on your skin.

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JADE Statues & Figurines | JADE Jewelry | JADE Gifts

Jade is said to have Healing Powers, bring Good Luck & Longevity. Believed to Restore Harmony & Balance, Jade is a Beloved Gemstone. Jade is said to possess a Loving and Captivating Energy. JADE JEWELRY Jade “Blessings, Wealth and Longevity” Chinese Symbol Pendant Necklace Green jade pendant necklace with Chinese symbols in 14kt yellow gold.…