Selling a Home in Atlanta, Georgia and Surrounding Suburbs

Selling a Home in Atlanta, Georgia and Surrounding Suburbs

The most essential words in Real Estate when Selling Your Home are:


The Home-Selling Process is tailored to fit the characteristics of your property. The process of marketing and selling your house must match your objectives, priorities, timeframe, and needs.

5 Key Strategies to Get Your Home Sold

  1. Identifying Your Home-Selling Goal
  2. Establishing a Pricing Strategy
  3. Preparing Your Home For Sale
  4. JUST LISTED: Marketing Your Property For Sale
  5. SOLD: Closing on Your Property

Guest Contributor: Terina Lambright-King, 8th and Oak Realty, Metro Atlanta

When you agree to have me help you sell your property, I become Your REALTOR®, which means I will work for your best interests throughout the entire home-selling process.

To best serve you, I want to learn more about your plans and needs.

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The objectives you want to achieve from the sale of your house and the support you expect to receive from me.

  • Complete home enhancement recommendations
  • Carry out scheduled marketing activities
  • Show the property to brokers and prospective “qualified” buyers
  • Communicate with you regularly
  • Monitor results of marketing activities
  • Modify Marketing Plan and Pricing Strategy as necessary

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Brick Ranch-Style Homes in Metro Atlanta

Understanding Your Needs

During our discussion, the following topics will help me understand what is most important to you in the sale of your property.

  1. Communication
  2. Your Motivation for Selling Your Home
  3. Time Frame For Selling Your Home
  4. Relocation Assistance After Selling Your Home
  5. Home-selling decisions
  6. Price
  7. Marketing Plan
  8. Your Previous Home-Selling Experience
  9. Positive Experiences
  10. Your Concerns and Expectations
Kitchen/Dining Area Leading to Outdoor Deck

You Are the Key Player on the Home-Selling Team

No one has a more critical role in the home-selling process than you. Here are some ways your participation can contribute to a successful sale:

  • Ensure that the house is easily accessible to real estate professionals (lockbox and key).
  • Try to be flexible in the scheduling of showings.
  • When you are not at home, let me know how you can be reached if an offer is received.
  • If approached directly by a buyer who is not represented by a real estate professional, please contact me immediately. Please do not allow them into your home unescorted.
  • Remove or lock up valuables, jewelry, cash, and prescription medications.

How Home Buyers Find the Home They Purchase

Homebuyers may use several information sources in their search process, but they are most likely to find the home they purchase through a real estate sales professional.

The Internet

About 87% of home buyers begin their property search online. Potential buyers will have instant access to information about your property through electronic media, including a Virtual Home Tour.

How Will Buyers See Your Property?

It is vital for a property to make the best possible impression on prospective buyers.

The following can interfere with a buyer’s appreciation of a property:


  • Clutter
  • The Front Lawn needs mowing and edging
  • Untrimmed Hedges and Shrubs
  • Dead and Dying Plants
  • Grease or Oil Spots on the Driveway
  • Peeling Paint
  • Anything that looks old or worn


  • Worn Carpets and Drapes
  • Soiled Windows, Kitchen, Bathrooms
  • Cluttered Cabinets and Closets
  • Pet and Smoking Odors
  • Peeling paint, smudges, or marks on walls
  • Tenant’s Clutter and Messy Areas

Show Off Your Property—Every Time!

House Exterior

  • Remove Toys, Piles of Newspapers, Yard Tools, and other clutter.
  • Tidy Up; Pick up after Pets.
  • When Prospective Buyers are Viewing Your Property: Park Vehicles in the Garage or on the Street; Leave the Driveway Clear.
  • Add Color with Flowers and Potted Plants.
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House Interior

  • Make Beds; Clean Up Dishes; Empty Wastebaskets.
  • Remove Clutter Throughout the House.
  • Set Out “Show Towels” in Bathrooms.
  • Freshen the Air; Light Potpourri or Baked Bread Aroma
  • Deodorize Pet Areas
  • Set a Comfortable Temperature.
  • Do Quick Vacuuming and Dusting. Dust Ceiling Fans.
  • Arrange Fresh Flowers in the Kitchen/Dining Area.
  • Fire in Fireplace (when appropriate).
  • Play Soft Background Music.

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For Sale Signs

If Allowed in your Subdivision, a distinctive sign rider will highlight your property.

When potential home buyers drive by your property, they will see the For Sale Sign and Your Realtor’s Contact Info.

This allows potential buyers to get connected directly to property details and me, Your REALTOR®.

These tips can help your house make the best impression every time it is previewed by sales professionals or shown to prospective buyers.

Marketing Your Home For Sale

To successfully promote your property to the market, a comprehensive plan of targeted activities is essential. My marketing program has five aims:

  • Promote directly to prospective buyers
  • Enlist the efforts of other real estate professionals
  • Maintain communication with you
  • Review the results of my marketing activities
  • Consult with you to fine-tune the marketing strategy as needed.

My Home-Selling Process

Selling a house typically includes many of the following elements. As YOUR REALTOR®, I will be your resource and guide every step of the way.

  • Determine a Market Sensitive Price—Comparative Market Analysis
  • Sign an Exclusive Seller’s Agent Agreement
  • Install Lock Box and For Sale Yard Sign
  • Submit Property Information to Multiple Listing Service
  • Design and Implement a Marketing Plan for Your Home
  • Promote to Other Real Estate Sales Professionals
  • Distribute “Just Listed” eCards, Flyers, and Postcards
  • You will receive information on potential buyers’ interest levels after viewing your home.
  • You will receive weekly activity emails detailing activity in the neighborhood with new and existing competing listings, including new photos and price or status changes.
  • Review Offer(s) and Reach an Agreement with the Buyer
  • Complete the Closing/Settlement Process
  • After-Sale Service—Assist you with relocation, as needed.
  • Provide resources for other after-sale homeowner needs.

Specialties: Seller’s Agent | Buyer’s Agent | Relocation | Property Management

Buying/Selling Investment Properties in Metro Atlanta

Understanding Market Value

Market-sensitive pricing can be the key to maximum market exposure for your home and, ultimately, a satisfactory sale.

The existing pool of prospective buyers determines a property’s value based on:

  • Location, design, amenities, and condition.
  • Availability of comparable (competing) properties.
  • Economic conditions that affect real property transactions.

Factors that have little or no influence on the market value of a house include:

  • The price the seller originally paid for the property.
  • The seller’s expected net proceeds.

The Impact of Accurate Pricing

  • Properties priced within the market range generate more showings and offers and sell in a shorter period.
  • Properties priced too high have a difficult time selling.
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5 Benefits For Sellers of Pricing Your Home Right

  1. Increased marketing exposure for your property.
  2. Eliminates the need for price reductions.
  3. Accelerates the sales process by encouraging more buyers and offers.
  4. Optimizes final sales price allowing actual market forces to determine the maximum price.
  5. Attracts more qualified buyers.

Appreciating Your Property

Each property has unique features that may interest buyers. In our discussions, I will want to know more about your house.

  • What do you feel are the most appealing features of this property?
  • What features does this property have that differentiate it from other similar properties?
  • What changes or enhancements would you suggest to make your property as salable as possible?
  • What do you regard as the most attractive features of the surrounding neighborhood?
  • Do you have any special terms or conditions regarding the sale of your property that I should be aware of (e.g., items of personal property to be included or excluded)?
  • Are you aware of any problems or concerns regarding the property or the neighborhood that will need to be disclosed to prospective buyers?

Ways to Enhance Your Property to Potential Buyers

By providing peace of mind to prospective buyers, these steps can enhance the salability of your property:

Provide Homeowner’s Association Rules and Regulations

Written Property Disclosure

A written property disclosure report will give buyers a clear understanding of the condition of your home.

Recent Property Appraisal

Home Warranty

A home warranty can give prospective buyer’s peace of mind by providing repair-or-replace coverage of significant home operating systems and appliances.

Professional Home Inspections

Having Current Professional inspections, such as structural, roof, and termite, will reveal the current condition of the property.

Choosing Me As Your Atlanta REALTOR®

I am committed to providing quality service to all of my clients. To ensure that your property is marketed to an optimum level and receive a high market value, the following services will be performed:

1.         Your Property Will Be Marketed Through the Georgia Multiple Listing Service.

This exposes your home to all potential buyers and all Georgia agents. It is also a very positive feature for prospective buyers searching on the internet to get all of the exposure.

2.         A Quality Color Photograph Flyer and Buyer’s Information Package of the property will be prepared to outline all of its features. In allowable areas, the flyers will be placed strategically in front of the home for potential buyers driving by your property. Within the first week of listing the property, these flyers will be distributed to all real estate agents serving the area.

3.         Virtual Home Tours to showcase the property to potential buyers.

4.         I will monitor all showings from the lockbox placed on/near the front door and call for feedback from other agents who have shown the property.

5.         Just Listed Professional Printed Color Postcards will be mailed to neighboring areas.

6.         Other marketing activities will be scheduled as appropriate.


Receiving An Offer(s) On Your Home

  • I will present all offers to you immediately.
  • We will discuss and clarify the proposed terms and conditions.
  • I will Negotiate offers on your behalf; discuss possible counteroffers.
  • We will reach a final agreement on accepting the offer.

Processing the Purchase Transaction Includes:

  • Deposit of buyer’s earnest money
  • Sign Documents
  • Title search, preliminary title report to the buyer
  • Inspections
  • Removal of remaining contingencies
  • Buyer’s final walk-through of the property
  • Loan funding/balance of funds from the buyer
  • Recording of title
  • Relocation of the Seller
  • Possession of Property by the Buyer

Let’s Get Buyers Excited About Purchasing Your Property!

My marketing is designed to show buyers what makes your home unique.

So, think about the special features of your home that can be showcased to potential buyers.

Which features of your home would excite buyers? What “hidden features” of your home might a buyer overlook if they saw it quickly?

Why did you decide to buy this home yourself…schools, amenities, views, convenience, floorplan?

What makes your home a special place to live? What would you tell a potential buyer?

Why will it be hard for you to leave your home?

Why do you love living here?

What are the things you have enjoyed the most?

What could you tell buyers about the neighborhood and surrounding amenities?

List Renovations/Upgrades and any other features that buyers could be interested in.

I Am Customer Focused

As a Professional REALTOR®, I believe the best way to win customers is to earn them.

My goal is not to simply attract Home Buyers and Home Sellers but to gain them as customers for life.

My Home-Selling Service Commitment

As Your REALTOR®, I commit that I will:

  • Communicate with you in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Identify your needs.
  • Develop and implement an effective marketing plan for your property.
  • Help you determine an effective pricing strategy.
  • Recommend steps to prepare your property for the market.
  • Represent YOU in negotiations with prospective buyers.
  • Work to protect YOUR interests through the completion of the transaction.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Property?

Contact Me Today To Get the Process Started.

Selling Commission

My standard real estate selling commission is 7%. While you may think that this is a lot, keep in mind the following: The Selling Agent is not getting the entire amount.

How Commissions Are Split Between the Seller’s Agent & Buyer’s Agent

The Selling Brokerage Firm receives 3.5%. After deductions and fees—the Seller’s Agent receives a reduced portion of the commission.

The Buyer’s Brokerage Firm receives 3.5%. After deductions and fees—the Buyer’s Agent receives a reduced portion of the commission.

The real estate brokerage takes a cut of the commission to help pay for things like property advertising and marketing, office space, real estate assistants, among many other things.

Selling A Home in Metro Atlanta and Surrounding Suburbs

Guest Contributor: Terina King, REALTOR®, 8th and Oak Realty

NOTE: Terina was formerly with Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Metro Brokers

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The most essential words in Real Estate when Selling Your Home are: EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! The Home-Selling Process is tailored to fit the characteristics of your property. The process of marketing and selling your house must match your objectives, priorities, timeframe, and needs. 5 Key Strategies to Get Your Home Sold Guest Contributor: Terina Lambright-King,…