Ways to Create Visually-Appealing Graphics with Canva Pro

Anyone can create beautiful graphic designs with Canva Pro. With your subscription, you get everything you need to design materials like a professional anytime, anywhere.

Using pre-designed templates will save you a lot of time. You do not need graphic design skills to make stunning eye-popping creations.

Bring your ideas to life and celebrate your achievements quickly and professionally.

  • Professionally-Design Your Quotations
  • Post Directly to Your Social Media Sites from Canva
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Workbooks and eBook Templates
  • Brochures, Email Newsletters
  • Album & Magazine Covers
  • Business Cards and Logo Designer
  • Flyers, Postcards, Posters, Invitation Cards
  • Coupons and Tickets
  • Photo Collages and Photography Books
  • Memes, Blog Graphics, Videos
  • Business Reports, Documents, Letters, and Presentations
  • Calendars, Bookmarks
  • Creative Designer Resumes
  • Animated Social Media Graphics
  • Instagram & Facebook Stories
  • Social Feed Video Ads for YouTube
  • Health and Wellness Infographics
  • Wedding Invitation Templates
  • Real Estate Agents Use Canva Pro for Engaging Instagram Posts
  • Consumer, Business, Education, & Charity Infographics

Using Canva Pro to Create Charity Infographics

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Design Creative Quotation Graphics with Canva Pro

Using Canva Pro to Create Pinterest Posts

As a brand or business, you want your website to be the hub of your online presence, and you want people to easily be able to pin your blog posts and page content to their own Pinterest boards.

Whether you want to point Pinterest users back to a blog post or simply get them to save an inspirational quote, Canva has thousands of Pinterest graphics in various shapes and sizes that will allow you to create a design that stands out.

Canva Pro Brand Kits for Start-Up Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, Start-Up Brand Kits are a must. Each kit contains a series of professional stationery templates, including Financial Reports, Business Proposals, Checklists, Memos, Invoices, and Letterheads. Plus, everything you need to design for social media.

Create Online Restaurant Menus with Canva Pro

You can upload your brand logos, your brand colors, and your brand fonts, which makes it super easy to apply your brand colors, your logos, or your fonts in a new design.

Create Online Restaurant Menus with Canva Pro

Try Canva Pro For Your Instagram Posts

When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about the visuals. Whether you’re looking to create a modern and clean grid, add loads of color, or anything in between, Canva Pro’s templates are the perfect place to start.

You can use them as they are or customize them to suit your needs. Try one and experiment with color, images, and more to create scroll-stopping Instagram Posts. There are also hundreds of Instagram Stories templates to choose from.

Create Custom Memes with Canva Pro

Memes are the undisputed champions of the internet.

Whether you’re looking to create hilarious content for social media, add a touch of humor to a presentation or even go all out with a dedicated meme video, there’s no better way to tap into internet culture than with a well-constructed meme.

You can design classic memes with pets or start from scratch and create your own iconic meme. See what you can come up with, and hey, it may even go viral.

Creating Memes with Canva Pro

Tips to Creating Memes with Canva Pro

  • Fit in to stand out. A great meme should be unique but also tap into current trends, events and jokes. Do some research and see what’s trending before you get started.
  • Make it shareable. A good meme deserves to be shared. Upload your meme to social media and watch the reactions unfold.
  • Keep it simple. Use clear and simple fonts to make it easy and quick for your audience to read.

You’ll love all the different types of memes you can create with Canva Pro. There’s something for everyone. They’re fully customizable, so you can add music, video clips, animation, and more to make them your own.

Create Digital or Print Postcards with Canva Pro

Explore Canva Pro’s curated collection of customizable digital templates. Simply add a heartfelt message and a treasured picture, then you’ll be ready to shower someone with love.

Design & Print Postcards with Canva Pro

Enhance Your Designs with Canva Pro’s Animations

Make your design stand out and draw attention with eye-catching animations. You can use animations to help tell your story and point out important details like buttons, images, text, and more.

Whether you choose to sprinkle a few individual pieces of animation here and there or opt for a full-screen effect on digital designs, animations will add a special touch to your designs.

You’ll love Canva Pro’s range of templates with built-in animations. They’re fully customizable, so you can add even more energy or change any element to make them your own.

Tips for Adding Animations in Canva Pro

There are a few things to consider when adding animation to your designs. 

  • Less is more. It might be tempting to add loads of animations to your design, but it’s always best to keep it simple. You want to add animations that will draw attention to your message rather than distract.
  • Keep animations slow and steady. The pace of your animations is significant. If they’re too fast, it can leave people feeling dizzy or missing the point. Keep animations at a steady and readable pace.
  • Have fun with it. Animations are so exciting and can add an element of surprise and delight for your audience. So, remember to tap into your imagination, have fun, and your audience will too.

Canva Pro even has a more extensive selection of animation styles. The extra choice helps keep your social media posts fresh and presentations on point. Catch your audience’s eye with additional animation styles.

Using Canva Pro’s Flyer and Poster Templates

Bring your Flyer or Poster to life with Canva Pro’s top 10 trending flyer templates. You can customize them to make them yours. Choose a template you like, add a photo, tweak the text and colors, and you’re ready to go. Your designs have never looked so good.

Pre-Designed Résumé Templates for Résumé Writers

Be inspired and bring your client’s creative Résumé to life with Canva Pro’s top 10 trending Résumé templates.

Design Professional & Creative Resumes with Canva Pro

Create a Video Message in Canva Pro

Choose from millions of designer-made photographs and other graphics. You can even collaborate with other family members in real-time.

Upload videos and images, choose your colors and backgrounds, add music and animations to bring your message to life.

Download your video or share directly on social media with a few easy clicks. Videos could easily be created in Canva Pro with the Video Embed Tool.

You can upload different types of media from images, audio, and music videos on Canva.

Adding Music to Your Videos

Canva Pro has different videos that you can use in their tools. You can search for videos from Canva, and you can also add audio from Canva.

Canva Pro has different free and royalty-free music that you can use as well as free videos.

Easily Create Professional Graphic Materials with Canva Pro

Create Multi-Page Instagram Posts with Canva Pro

If you’re looking to engage, entertain, and delight your audience on social media, then one thing’s for sure when it comes to Instagram visuals, more is more.

You’ll love all the different types of Multi-Page Instagram Posts you can create with Canva Pro. They’re fully customizable, so you can edit them to make them your own.

Spark your audience’s curiosity with Canva Pro’s Multi-Page Instagram Post templates and create a series of images using one consistent theme.

These are great if you want to tell a story across multiple frames or show before and after photos. So, give your audience what they want, and post them all.

3 Creative Ways to Use Multi-Page Instagram Posts

  1. Share your story. Connect with your audience by using a series of images to tell them about your story and your mission.
  2. Reveal before and after Photographs. Showcase results with a before and after image or even a series of pictures taken over some time.
  3. Showcase diversity. Show a diverse range of people using your product, eating at your restaurant, or engaging with your organization across a few images.

Spice up your Multi-Page Instagram Posts by tapping into Canva Pro’s library of photos, images, videos, and music, at no extra cost. Create a focal point in your designs with Background Remover, and quickly turn your photographs into stories, before and after posts, and more.

The Daily Hustle & Grind

How to Use Canva Pro’s Content Planner

Make the most out of Canva Pro’s Content Planner. It’s the simple way to schedule and post your social media designs to all your favorite channels. Just schedule or share your designs as soon as they’re ready—it’s that easy.

Collaborate With Teams Using Canva Pro

Collaborate on Canva Pro by assigning tasks to a teammate or fellow Canva designer simply by commenting. This ensures that everyone is clear on their roles and can see who owns what job. It’s time to tick off your goals as a team. Simple.

A Closer Look at Canva Pro’s Content Planner

  • It’s an all-in-one tool. Design eye-catching content, then increase your social media presence with seamless automated posting—all in one place.
  • Stay efficient. No need to download each design, switch tabs, or log on to your favorite social media platforms. Just schedule or share your designs as soon as they’re ready.
  • Be in control. If you need to edit your designs, simply pause the scheduled post and edit it directly—no need to download or re-upload the file.
  • Value for your money. Not only does Canva Pro save you time and hassle, but it’s also great for the money. You get everything you need to design and schedule premium social media posts.

How to Use Canva Pro’s Presentation Templates

Canva Pro’s Presentation Templates take the hassle out of your hustle. For those of you who haven’t discovered the joys of Canva Presentations yet, you’re in for a treat.

For those who have used Canva templates, Upgrading to Canva Pro gives you handy hints and tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of them.

Canva Pro has a wide range of presentation templates for professional and personal use, so whether you’re pitching to investors or hosting a quiz—they’ve got you covered.

With hundreds of templates for you to choose from, you won’t be short on inspiration when planning and designing your presentation.

Present statistics, percentages, and data in an instant with Canva Pro’s new Infographic Charts. You can now quickly and easily create progress bars, rings, radials, dials, and pictograms within your presentations.

Canva Pro has added New Company Presentation Templates! These are ideal for internal use, sharing important information with your colleagues and stakeholders, such as mission and goal, weekly team updates, onboarding newbies, project status, and new employee introductions.

  • Delight your audience. When presenting in Canva Pro, you can enhance your performance and surprise your audience with Magic Shortcuts. Put on a show by hitting D for Drumroll to build the tension and then celebrate in style with C for Confetti.
  • Spread the word. There are many options when it comes to sharing your presentation. You can present live, transfer directly to email, copy and paste the link, download and send, or even Present and Record for others to watch.
  • Present your best self. Talking Presentations allows you to record yourself talking through your slides.

Using Canva Pro’s Talking Presentations

Talking Presentations allows you to record yourself talking through your presentation, so you can guarantee that you’re presenting your best self every time.

Share Your Presentation Your Way

There are several ways to share your Canva Presentation. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your design, you can either Present It Live in Person or over Zoom.

You can embed links on the graphics and Download your presentation as a PDF.

Send directly to email, Slack, LinkedIn, or copy and share the link. Finally, you can even download the file as a PowerPoint.

Get Your Team Using Canva Pro’s Presentations

Be present with your team or clients by working together in real-time on Canva Pro’s Brainstorm Templates. Seamlessly co-create, see changes and edits live, plus comment and feedback immediately.

With real-time collaboration, you can create a winning presentation today. To make remote, real-time design collaboration even more accessible, Canva Pro Teams Promotion enables five team members to collaborate—all for the price of a single subscription!

Create a YouTube Design With Canva Pro

Whether you’re just starting or you’re already racking up millions of views, stand out from the crowd with our YouTube templates. You can add a splash of personality and create a unique look for your channel to help grow a loyal following and establish brand recognition.

Canva Pro’s YouTube Video Templates are a great way to capture your audience with show-stopping video intros, eye-catching banners, and memorable thumbnails.

Turn your viewers into loyal fans with unique YouTube designs. Keep your YouTube channel on-brand with a unique and consistent look and feel.

Grow Your YouTube Video Channel with TubeBuddy

For All Your Social Media Channels—Design, Plan, & Post Like a Professional

Get Inspired Today with a wide range of Canva Pro’s Social Media Templates

    Sign up to Canva Pro today to access their extensive premium content library.

    It has everything you need to keep your graphics looking tip-top. With millions of video clips, photos, illustrations, and audio tracks to choose from—whatever you need, Canva Pro has you covered.

    Bring Your Ideas To Life With Canva Pro

    Get access to even more great content and premium features. Explore Pro images, videos, and music to see how you can create shareable memes.

    Kickstart Your Ad Campaign with Canva Pro’s Simple Starter Ads

    They’re the perfect way to create impactful ads in minutes. Whether you’re advertising for print, social media, or eye-catching videos, all you have to do is pick a template to get started.

    From one-off ads to extensive 360 campaigns with multiple marketing assets, Canva Pro has you covered. Creating a synchronized campaign has never looked so good.

    See what you can design and START SPREADING THE WORD.

    Design Ads For Any Social Media Platform with Canva Pro

    Check out Canva Pro’s range of Simple Starter Ads and build a synchronized ad campaign across print, digital and social. They’re fully customizable, so choose a template and make it your own. How to Create Infographics and Ads with Impact Using Canva Pro:

    3 Tips to Give Your Ads the Power to Move People

    1. Grab attention with the right imagery. Stand out from the crowd with Canva Pro’s impressive media library of over a million stock photos and illustrations, or upload your own.
    2. Add a compelling call to action. Use Canva Pro’s text tools to overlay your images with impactful typography and inspire your audience to take action.
    3. Choose the medium that works for your audience. Maximize the impact of your ads. Speak directly to your audience on the platforms they are using, e.g., print, digital or social media.

    With Canva Pro, you can save time and create multiple marketing assets.

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    Create Visually Appealing Graphics Using Canva Pro

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