How to Be Productive While Working From Home During COVID-19

How to Be Productive While Working From Home During COVID-19

For many people, a typical office work day no longer exists during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

While some of us are accustomed to working from home, it’s a whole new situation for those who have not done so before.

There are many unique challenges as well as pros and cons to working from home as a remote employee or small business owner.

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12 Morning Routine Ideas to Start Your Day

To begin, here are some morning routine ideas to consider while working from home.

  1. Don’t Oversleep.
  2. Rise Early.
  3. Make Your Bed.
  4. Drink a Glass of Water.
  5. Walk the Dog(s). See also Pet Care Tips for Cats and Dogs
  6. Get Ready For the Day.
  7. Make a To-Do List
  8. Pray or Meditate.
  9. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast.
  10. Read a news article or Blog Post. Humility, Integrity, & Deception in Life
  11. Exercise. See also: Benefits of Walking, Jogging & Running
  12. Do a 15-minute Home Tidy-Up and Throw a Load of Laundry in the Washer.

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Work on Your Social Media Posts

As a brand or business, you want your website to be the hub of your online presence, and you want people to easily be able to pin your blog posts and page content to their own Pinterest boards.

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Support Your Back and Neck During Work Hours

How much of your day is spent on conference calls, webinars, and Zoom meetings? Ugh!

You need to have Ergonomic Back Supports that help keep your spine in neutral position and properly align your neck, shoulders, and pelvis to avoid pain.

After sitting for prolonged periods of time, you may notice a natural tendency to slouch or lean forward. I know I do.

This is especially common in the home office or workplace. It is this unnatural curvature of the spine that often leads to lower back pain.

Investing in a quality seat support is an important first step towards a healthier back and correcting your bad sitting habits. 

Plan For Meals Ahead of Time

If you are spending a lot of time on the computer and phone during the day, prepare beforehand by prepping for lunch and dinner.

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Take Care of Your Financial Affairs

Check your bank accounts for any suspicious activity. Pay any bills that are due.

Manage Your Home & Business Finances with Quicken

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Don’t Forget to File Your Tax Returns. Many filers can electronically file their tax return online in a few minutes.

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You will be provided the option of either filing electronically or printing and mailing. It’s as simple as that.

I highly recommend filing your state and federal taxes electronically.

Find Time For Your Side Business

Find time to work on a side hustle, like Blogging.

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Managing Your Social Media Posts

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Handling Distractions While Working From Home

You may be challenged with distractions at home from your spouse, children, or elderly family member in your care.

It may be difficult to focus on productive work with bustling activity around your home.

Plan ahead. Create your daily work schedule, post it somewhere so the family can see when you are available.

If possible, switch responsibilities with your partner. For example, your spouse may be able to tend to the children or elderly family member during the day while you work.

This will allow you to focus attention on your work. In the evening, switch roles and vice versa.

You may be moving around your home a lot, up and down the stairs, indoors and outdoors, or working on a hobby in the garage.

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You need to have arch support shoes to avoid foot pain.

Also, find time to take a walk around the neighborhood or local park.

Home Security Needs While Working From Home

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To prevent family and friends from calling or stopping by while you’re trying to be productive, let them know your work schedule and house rules during COVID-19.

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Staying Motivated While Working In Isolation

Whether you are single, married, or co-habitating, make sure you maintain a work routine.

Lounging around in bed with a laptop is not a good idea.

Get out of bed, take a shower, and get dressed. Should you lounge around in your pajamas all day?

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You have to be in a frame of mind to work and get things done.

These are stressful times.

We are faced with negative news headlines everyday but we must remain positive and optimistic.

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I received 2 vaccinations. No problems and no side effects.

I’m glad I did because there’s a new variant of the COVID-19 virus spreading rapidly.

Create a Dedicated Workspace at Home

It’s important to establish a dedicated work area, preferably outside of the bedroom, if you are prone to lose focus or are less disciplined.

This way, you will have workspace akin to going to an office to work.

Your private home office can be anywhere that can accommodate a desk and chair.

One major challenge while working from home is staying on task and not going stir crazy.

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Take mini-breaks during the day. Get up and stretch.

Take a lunch break and then a short walk.

It’s important to leave your office space for a little bit.

You will return refreshed and ready to tackle the next task.

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Are You a Blogger or Content Writer?

Are you a business writer or blogger?

Keep Your Writing Informative, Interesting, and Motivating

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Stay in Contact with Co-Workers

Social connections can help. Stay in contact with co-workers, friends, and family virtually to avoid feeling isolated and stressed.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still spreading in the United States and around the world, it’s no telling how long people will be working from home.

For the employed and unemployed, this poses additional problems, challenges, and issues.

Parents may have adapted to these challenges and have a structure in place for home schooling.

However, prolonged isolation could potentially impact their morale and productivity.

Pinterest is another creative option for coming up with ideas to stay engaged.

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Get Proper Rest at the End of the Day

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Meanwhile, continue to take precautions during this COVID-19 pandemic and stay safe! GET VACCINATED!

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How to Be Productive While Working From Home During COVID-19

For many people, a typical office work day no longer exists during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While some of us are accustomed to working from home, it’s a whole new situation for those who have not done so before. There are many unique challenges as well as pros and cons to working from home as…