Ways to Pay It Forward and Change Lives

Paying it forward inspires generosity and compassion.

Paying it forward means that when someone does something nice for you, you pay it forward to someone else, and so on, and so forth. #KindnessMatters

Opportunities to spread random acts of kindness one person at a time are endless.

Inspire The World

Every person of any age, ethnicity, or gender around the world can find ways to share kind gestures and positivity with others.

You feel better about yourself when you contribute to making other people’s lives better, including your own.

An Excellent Way to Make Someone Else’s Day

1.Inspire Others Online

2.Take the Time to Teach Someone a Skill You Know.

3.Create a Community Fruit and Vegetable Garden Project.

4.Be a Courteous Driver. Let people merge in front of you. Avoid road rage.

People are still hurting because of the economy and layoffs. A little bit of help from one person can help a lot.

According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, Georgia has over 2.4 Million children with 49% living in low-income households.

This includes over 400,000 children under the age of six whose families struggle to provide healthy meals and quality educations for them. Donate to Hosea Helps Today!

5.Give Away Your Unused Gift Cards. Check the expiration date. If you aren’t going to use them, someone else will undoubtedly appreciate it. For Example, Parents with Newborn Babies need an endless supply of Pampers.

6.Electronic Gadgets. Donate your old cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Check your local area to find companies that will repair and make them useful for school children and other needy families.

7.Mentor Teenagers at a Youth Center. Share Your Knowledge and Life Skills.

8.Farmers Markets and Flea Markets. Road Trips—when traveling, make it a point to stop at a seller’s stand or yard sale—if you don’t see anything you want to purchase—pretend to be interested—Give the Seller $5.00, $10.00, or $20.00 and be on your way.

9.Upgrade Someone’s Cell Phone, Tablet, or Laptop Computer. Who do you know that’s still using outdated electronics and gadgets. Surprise them with an upgraded device.

10.Pay For a Family Member or Relative’s Cell Phone Bill. If you have a family plan and have room to add another person, consider adding someone to your plan. It can be for short-term like 6 months to 1 year. This will provide some relief on monthly bills.

11.Grocery Stores. While standing in line to check out, observe the person or family in front of you. Offer to pay for their groceries. Older adults, single people, and families will be highly grateful for this random act of kindness. If you order groceries online, TIP Grocery Delivery People Well!

12.Give Free Tickets to the Movies, a Sports Event, the Zoo, or Amusement Park. You could purchase tickets and surprise someone, a Child Care Provider, Co-Worker, a Lower-Level Employee, a Couple, or a Family with FREE TIX. Imagine their excitement upon receiving this special unexpected gift.

13.Deliver a Meal to an Elderly Neighbor. If you’ve cooked up a large meal and still have plenty of leftovers. Consider taking a meal to an elderly household. Don’t forget to add a dessert.

14.Send Prepared Meals to Family Members, Relatives, or Others.

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15.Donate Excess Wedding Gifts. You may have received multiple household and houseware items, such as dishes, pots and pans, silverware, toasters, microwaves, glassware, towels, linens, etcetera that you have no use for. No doubt another family is in need of such items.

16.DeClutter Your Home. Donate household items, old home décor, accessories, clothing, shoes, sneakers, and handbags. Hoarders. It’s time to let some stuff go and make some space in your home. Once per week, organize one pile of items and donate them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other local charity thrift store. You’ll also have the opportunity to get out and socialize and meet new people.

Paying It Forward Fosters a Sense of Connection to Others

17.Organize a Neighborhood Garage or Yard Sale. Many families are still strapped for cash. You never know what’s going on with your neighbors. By organizing a multi-family garage/yard sale, it will attract more buyers looking for a bargain on much-needed items. It’s the perfect time to clean out your basement, garage, and closets. Get rid of tools, exercise equipment, children’s excess toys, etc., that you haven’t used in years. Set aside special bins, offering items for Free or charge $.50 or $1.00.

18. Give Away a $25.00 or $50.00 Gasoline Gift Card. The cost of gas is on the rise again. This could be a much-needed resource for many people.

19.Organize a Neighborhood Cookout. If you reside in a small community or live in a culdesac—you could grill some hot dogs and hamburgers, add some simple sides like potato chips, coleslaw, or grilled veggies. Send an invitation to your neighbors a few days ahead.

20.Wash a Car or Cut a Lawn for an Elderly Neighbor. If you’re already working outside, it will only take a few more minutes. Your neighbor will be very appreciative.


21.Housecleaning Services. How many young people do you know with kids? Arrange for a cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning of their home. Indeed, the busy mom and dad will be thrilled.

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22.Offer to do some Free Work for a client that cannot afford your higher-priced services.

23.Hold the Door Open for the Person Behind You.

24.Leave Extra Coupons Near Items on Shelves in the Grocery Store. Surprising someone else with a money-saving opportunity could help that person afford to buy other needed items.

25.Barber Shops and Beauty Salons. Leave them an extra tip or unique gift. Send them a Gift Basket for no reason at all or to express your gratitude for their service. Imagine the talk that will be going on for weeks.

26.Offer to Carry Out Someone’s Groceries. Carrying out a bag or two or helping to load them all up in the cart is a nice gesture that is easy to do. Be careful, though. Many people are suspicious of being robbed.

27.Clean Up Your Table by Stacking Plates and Utensils at the Restaurant. Yes, they are paid to clean up, but stacking it neatly so they can collect it in one fell swoop is a great way to make someone’s day.

28.Be Generous With Gratuities. Any place you typically tip the person serving you is fair game. Leave a tip that is two, three, or four times the size you usually leave. You never know what people are dealing with.

29.Secretly Leave Gifts. The aim here is to leave small but significant gifts without the recipient knowing where they come from.

30.Leave Inspiring and Motivating Post-It Notes in library books and other random places.

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:4) 

31.Pay for Someone Else’s Restaurant Meal. When you are Dining out at Your Favorite Restaurant or Sports Bar, choose a table of diners, talk to your server about paying the bill, and pay anonymously before you leave. What a joy! Don’t Forget to Refer a Friend to that Restaurant. #PayItForward

That is what PAY IT FORWARD is all about … inspiring others to continue a string of kindness, mindfulness, and thoughtfulness towards others.

#FeelTheLove | #SendingLoveNightandDay | #ShareTheLove

32.Share Your Surplus. If you are in a good position financially, sharing your wealth with others is an easy way to extend kindness. Even if you are not wealthy, choosing one project each year can help you feel like you are making a considerable difference in the lives of others.

33.Help Someone with a Kind Donation.

34.Send Someone Some Money Today.

35.Support Your Local Small Businesses to ease their cash flow problems. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain future for small businesses. It has affected their business and livelihood.


36.Organize a Charitable Giving Project, such as collecting food for the local food bank or a clothing drive.

37.Donate Your Old Clothes. Donate them to someone in need or a charitable organization. Remember: What’s old to you is new to someone else. Make sure you wash and fold neatly before donating clothing and linens.

38.Shop at Your Local Charity Thrift Store. The money you spend there helps others.

39.Donate Cat and Dog Food and other Pet Supplies that you no longer need to a neighbor or an animal shelter.

40.Bakeries and Ice Cream Shops. Observe others purchasing birthday cakes and such, and offer to pay for their orders.

41.Give a Gift Certificate to a Restaurant or Meal Service.

42.Create Bags for the Homeless and leave them in a local shelter. These bags typically contain non-perishable food items, mini snacks, personal hygiene products, socks, clothing, and a few dollars.

43.Donate Blood at Your Nearest Blood Drive. Get a COVID-19 vaccination.

44.Bring Up Someone’s Trash Cans and Recycling Bins to their Home. Save them a few steps and grab their receptacles while bringing your own up to the house. I do this often for a neighbor who works different shifts. It is sure to put a smile on their face.

45.Bring Morning Goodies to the Office or a Meeting. This can include a cookie tray, danishes, donuts, bagels, or any mini-breakfast treats. Start the day off right with happy people.

46.Share Your Garden. If you have a home garden, consider leaving extra produce by the road with a “FREE SIGN” sign or Delivering Baskets to Your Neighbors.

47.Share Cuttings of Plants. This is a great way to pay it forward and share the plant’s love!

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48.Randomly Leave Flowers at Someone’s Door. What is better than walking outside to see some cheery flowers for no reason at all. Flowers from a stranger for no reason at all make you feel good.

49.Smile At Strangers. Maybe you will brighten up someone’s day, and they will pay it forward by smiling at a few other people that they pass along the way.

50.Drop Off Your Old Eyeglasses at your local LensCrafters.

51.Make the Coffee First Thing in the Morning at Work when you arrive before everyone else does—even if you don’t drink it.

Note: This site has a marketing affiliate relationship with advertisements. I may receive a small referral fee or commission if you sign up for services or purchase a product. This allows me to continue to create content.

52.Offer to Help a Co-Worker Complete a Last-Minute Rush Project.

53.Stop by the Office Mailroom in the Morning. Clean out someone’s overstuffed mailbox and deliver it to their office or workstation.

54.Give Your Spouse or Partner a Break From a Mundane Task. Repetitive, mindless tasks that might be a part of their daily routine but really could be done quickly by anyone. This could include emptying the household garbage cans and taking out the trash. It could consist of cleaning all the bathrooms or volunteering to clean the kitchen after a meal.

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55.Manager’s Assistance and Teamwork. What if you wandered by and said, “I’d like to do that for you today … you deserve a break from it.”  It could be a nice boost for someone, especially if you are the team leader recognizing what usually goes unnoticed around the workplace.

56.Fill Up Someone Else’s Candy Jar at Work. There’s always that person in the office that provides treats. And there are always those people in the office that eats all the treats. But over time, it becomes an expectation. Be thoughtful and bring a few bags of candy.

57.If your company has a break room, provide snacks for employees who might really need a snack and don’t have any money on hand when hunger hits. Or, Send a Snack Box to Hospital Nursing Stations and Healthcare Workers.


58.Coordinate a Group of Co-workers to Do a Volunteer Project Together. Many charities allow company groups to come and work for a day on a specific project.

59.Tip Well. Next time you’re at a diner or restaurant, be generous with a tip. It’s the simple things that make or break a person’s day, and leaving a good tip is a sure-fire way to help someone out and boost their morale.

Again, you never know what people are going through or what is happening in their lives.

60.Replicate Other People’s Good Deeds. We all live busy lives and frequently don’t think of things we could do to help someone else. Plus, You don’t necessarily have to receive a good deed yourself to pay it forward. Sometimes, you will witness or read about someone doing a good deed, and it may be something you hadn’t thought about doing before.

Please take note and let it inspire you to do a similar good deed for someone!

61.Offer Your Seat to Someone Who Needs It More Than You. Whether in a waiting room or on the bus or train, giving up your seat shows genuine concern for others.

62.Volunteer to Take Pictures for a Couple or Tourists. If you see people trying to get a photo together, offer to take it for them.

63.Invite a Friend or Neighbor to Join You in Walking or Jogging Around the Park. This is an opportunity for both of you to relieve depression or stress and laugh and talk about anything. Plus, there’s safety in numbers.

Positive Benefits of Walking, Jogging & Running

64. Volunteer Your Time to a Local Community Event or Project. Stop by a local American Red Cross organization and ask what types of jobs you could volunteer for.

65.Sign Up For a Charity Walk/Run. Check out the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Peachtree Road Race.

Atlanta, Georgia’s AJC Peachtree Road Race

66.Give an AudioBook or eBook Subscription. Many people love to read or listen to amusing stories. It can take their mind off depressing situations.

67. Participate in Fundraising Events.

68.Be Kind to Someone Who Appears To Be in a Rush. Give that person behind you a break by letting him get in front of you. You may only be saving him five minutes or less, but sometimes that can make a big difference for those in a rush.

69.Pay It Forward Projects. Use your unique talents and free time to participate in a project.

70.Neighborhood Revitalization ProgramsGwinnett County, Georgia Habitat for Humanity. Neighborhood revitalization projects could include:

  • Home Repairs in a Targeted Area
  • Paint the Town Day

A Brush With Kindness Home Repair Program (Habitat for Humanity). A Brush With Kindness program provides services to homeowners to help keep homes safe, dry, accessible, and city/county code compliant so that homeowners can continue to live safely in their homes for years to come.

You can help by donating items to Habitat ReStore, shopping at the store, or giving an in-kind or financial gift. Find Your Local Habitat ReStore

71. Create a Neighborhood Clean-Up Weekend or Trash/Recycling Day.

Create Your Own Website and Start Inspiring Others

72. If you’re indoors at a Fast Food Restaurant, offer to pay for some meals.

Interesting Note: I was in Downtown Atlanta and was in a Burger King for a quick burger and fries meal. In front of me were 3 college students trying to decide what to order based on the amount of money they had. All three were coming up short of cash. I offered to pay for whatever they wanted. You should have seen their faces light up and how quickly they made a decision about what they wanted. And, since I was in a bit of a hurry, this small gift benefited me as well.

73.Help Design and Create Flyers and Graphic Materials for Others. Have you ever noticed that some small businesses, retailers, and restaurants do not have quality flyers, posters, and menus? If you have experience in this area, this skill could be helpful to small business owners who cannot afford to hire someone. Take their existing material, design something new, and surprise them with the business materials (printouts and a flash drive containing the files for future use).

74.Send a Flowering House Plant, Blooming Flowers, or Rose Bouquet to Brighten Someone’s Day. This could include anyone anywhere at any time. Don’t forget those living in nursing homes, senior care facilities, or an adult living community.

75.Be Observant of what’s going on around you. You will inevitably see someone who might require assistance or a pick-me-up. You can do something or say something kind to anyone just because.

#RandomActsOfKindness—If you have children, they’ll see this in you and carry the same tradition forward. 

76.Leave Positive Comments on Blog Pages and Websites that you visit. Help boost their creativity, innovative ideas, and relevant topics. This goes a long way in supporting various people and small businesses, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Stay Strong

77.Help the Police Solve a Crime and Protect Yourself at Home. Install a Front Door Video Doorbell and Surveillance Cameras.

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MY ENDING TIP: Love Yourself and Be Proud of Yourself


Every Day is an Opportunity to Help Someone in Genuine Need. Rising costs are hurting people worldwide.

77 Ways to Pay It Forward and Change Lives


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